How to enhance fertility in younger generations? Reasons for fertility rate decline and measures to enhance.

How to enhance fertility in younger generations? Reasons for fertility rate decline and measures to enhance.

Infertility is not limited to women alone. Both genders may be impacted by it! Lifestyle and dietary factors have played a significant role in the development of infertility among both men and women. The dynamic, fast-paced, and stressful work environment has also had a significant impact on the rise in infertility.

Wondering how?

In India, infertility has become a public health concern due to a substantial rise in cases. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) estimates that 10–15 % of people in the country have fertility-related issues. Infertility has a major impact on couples, not only mentally but also socially and economically. However, there is a lack of open discussion regarding the growing concerns and general lack of awareness surrounding the situation. Delayed marriages, hectic schedules, obesity, overindulgence in fast food, cigarette and alcohol consumption, and drug addiction all contribute to the problem.

Understanding the underlying reasons behind infertility will not contribute to resolving the current challenges at hand. We should consider implementing proactive measures to support the current generation in addressing the issue of infertility.

Educate them –

It should be mandatory for youngsters to get sex education in schools and colleges, which includes a lesson on fertility and its significance. Individuals need to understand the importance of maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle at a young age to secure a better future. Let them know why it is important! Schools and colleges should consider the importance of having fertility counsellors on staff who can provide guidance and education to students regarding their questions and concerns.

Slow down at the gym –

If you are someone who enjoys going to the gym regularly and is currently struggling with fertility issues, it may be beneficial to consider adjusting your workout routine to focus on exercises that have minimal impact on your reproductive system. Excessive exercise can lead to a decrease in testosterone levels in males, which in turn can have an impact on sperm count. If you frequently visit a gym to build muscle and use steroids for this purpose, it is possible to encounter fertility problems due to the shrinking of testicle size. This may negatively impact the conception process for you. Strenuous exercises or usage of steroids may contribute to infertility in men, although they are not the sole factors.

Sleep to glory!!

Challenging work schedules are a significant factor causing sleep deprivation among individuals aged 25-45! Additional factors involve late-night parties, extensive use of social media platforms, online gaming, and so on. Stay focused on what your body needs! Getting enough sleep is essential for your well-being. Aim for at least 7 hours of restful sleep daily to recharge and rejuvenate. Rising at the optimal time of 4 AM also known as Brahma Muhurat can greatly enhance one’s physical and emotional well-being. This is the initial proactive measure towards better health!

To be influenced or not to be!

In the age of social media, everyone wants to make as much money as they can, even if it means misleading or false information being spread to others! Brands now find it more convenient to promote their products through social media influencers, despite the ethical concerns and negative consequences it may bring. It is concerning that many influencers, whom we trust, often promote products without considering the potential harm that products like protein shakes, steroids, or other supplements can have on our health.

Test is best!

It is recommended that individuals over the age of 25 undergo routine hormonal testing for females and semen analysis for males. Individuals with a family history of diabetes or high blood pressure should be informed by their doctors about the potential risks and ways to prevent the onset of these conditions. These factors have a significant impact on fertility in individuals.

Infertility can arise from a variety of factors, which can be quite intricate. Couples need to acknowledge that addressing and handling this medical issue is a shared journey they must embark on. To deal with the existing stigmas, misunderstandings, and discrimination surrounding infertility it is important to support each other and seek expert guidance and information. It is vital for couples to proactively prioritise and improve their sexual and reproductive health.

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