5 things you need to care ready for this monsoon

5 things you need to care ready for this monsoon

The monsoon rains may feel pleasant and refreshing but their arrival brings with it a slew of viruses and infections that can pose major health risks to the population.

During the monsoon, your chances of contracting various viruses, germs, and other diseases are greater when compared to other seasons. Because of the high moisture content in the air, hazardous microbes can flourish, and lead to the spread of illnesses.

This monsoon is already here so are the seasonal health challenges. Worry not, here are the five parameters you need to consider to stay healthy this monsoon.

Do a Discovery Diagnostics – Amp up your immunity:

Without improving the body’s natural defenses, it is hardly possible for the human body to defend against a wide range of pathogens. It is better to start with diagnostics, Vitamin D for example, to amp up your immune system.

The innate immune system in every one of us is the body’s non-specific first line of defense. Plenty of scientific studies on the relation between Vit-D and the immune system confirm that the vitamin is involved in strengthening immunity through various reactions all over the body including the innate immune system.

Most of all, some acclaimed studies confirm that vitamin D plays a crucial role in preventing the body from respiratory infections like the common cold, and even covid. The monsoon is almost here, so it is better to check your vitamin-D level.

The Home Care Box – be care ready at home :

Every household has enough awareness about the importance of maintaining a first aid box. However, the age-old first aid box won’t help in the face of the monsoon, particularly in the regions prone to floods. It is necessary to go beyond first aid. Build a comprehensive home care box that will equip you to handle everyday care, seasonal health issues, and more.

It’s always a mind-bending task to build an all-in-one home care box, but it shouldn’t be. Take a home care preparedness assessment in the Resolute mobile app. It will help you find the missing items in your first aid box and fill them with suggestions to handle different health issues. Also, it is a connected care service through which you can connect with medical experts in minutes and get self-care advice for your whole family. Become care-ready with a home care box for this monsoon.

Stay away from mosquitoes – a vector for infectious disease:

The worst issue which we face in monsoon is the breeding of mosquitoes and other insects that are capable of making your health miserable.

With few precautions, make your residence a mosquito-free residence. Always cover the pots and vessels filled with water. Ensure that the drains are not clogged and there’s no rainwater held stagnantly in your nearby areas.

Make sure that you apply mosquito repellents while going out and even at home make sure to use mosquito repellents, mosquito nets, etc.

Ensure to drink clean water – Stay away from waterborne diseases

It is imperative to keep the water clean and hygienic in the monsoon. Water plays a crucial role in spreading infection. Drinking, and using polluted or contaminated water for cooking may put your health at risk. Stay away from outside water. Always prefer bottled and purified water to prevent water-borne diseases like cholera, dysentery, Malaria, Typhoid, etc.

Dial-up these nutrients:

Vitamin C- Vitamin C encourages the production of White Blood Cells known as lymphocytes and phagocytes which strengthens the immune system. Include citrus fruits, lemon, lime, green and red bell peppers, broccoli, green leaves, and tomato to increase your Vitamin C levels.

Omega 3 fatty acids- Omega 3 fatty acids play a vital role in strengthening your immune response besides boosting your brain and heart health. Include fatty fish, walnuts, almonds, flaxseeds, and chia seeds to increase the intake of your omega-3 fatty acids.

Antioxidants: Colored fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and other vital nutrients that are required to increase immunity and keep you healthy during this disease-prone season.

Always wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming them to remove the dirt.

Probiotics: Probiotics reduce the incidence of seasonal diarrhea by reducing the growth of harmful bacteria and toxins in the intestine. Eat a lot of homemade curd, yogurt, fermented vegetables, Kefir, etc to improve your gut health.

Optimise your kitchen – Keep your Kitchen healthy:

Food is a necessity. Satiating the taste buds while caring for health is essential and the place where it is prepared, the kitchen, thus plays a crucial role in a family and their health. Right from the interiors to the cookware you use, everything should be on point to ensure the food that is cooked is sumptuous, hygienic, and packed with nutrients.

The better the condition of the kitchen, the better will be the quality of diet and lifestyle. This will further pave the way for the improved health status of the family. Revamping the space and customizing becomes imperative. For this, following the latest trends and ensuring that is well stocked with the right ingredients, cookware and equipment is a pre-requisite.

Well, staying healthy during monsoons is not as hard as it was once though. With right precautionary measures and the right self-care could bring positive changes in health throughout the rainy months.

Subhisha Sudevan

Nutritionist – Resolute

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