Activities that might fuel up your Child’s Brain Development

Activities that might fuel up your Child’s Brain Development

Every parent wants their child to be intelligent and be able to learn new things. If the activities are fun, children will be motivated to perform those tasks. Before starting routine teaching, school teachers, parents, or caregivers can introduce certain brain gym activities. These activities can activate their brains, make them more alert to listening, boosts their self-esteem, confidence, improve memory, concentration, attention, coordination, and body orientation.

A child can perform simple brain gym activities like double doodle, bilateral drawing, wherein a child tries to draw two images with both his or her hands, it improves their learning accuracy and concentration. Another simple brain gym exercise is cross crawl where the child will touch his left hand to the raised right leg while balancing his/ her body. This activity increases their body balance, coordination, relieves stress and improves concentration. Drawing a lazy eight means a figure of eight on a piece of paper or in the air using their hands can enhance your child’s eye coordination, eyesight and peripheral vision. More such activities like moving the Right hand in the clockwise and left hand in an anticlockwise manner can improve concentration. There and many more such brain gym activities which can be fun for children during teaching sessions.

Multisensory activities involve touch, feel, smell, taste while being sensorily aware. These sensory activities can stimulate the brain. Allow your child to play with mud and stones in the garden, things like tasting sour lime, smelling a flower. They learn their texture by touching that stones are hard, mud is soft, ice is cold, the paper can be torn with hands, rubber bands are stretchable & so on.

Learning to play an instrument or sing can stimulate language areas of the brain, improve attention span. Motivate your child to ask questions, make them recall the events, describe experiences that can stimulate language development, stimulate the speech and language centres in the brain.

Introduce your child to book reading, storytelling and story narration. Parents may start reading out to their children as early as 6 months of age. They may initiate with picture identification, use try simple short illustrated books at first and later reading long stories, helps the child to build attention, reading, comprehension skills imaginary thinking thereby stimulating the various area of the brain.

Last but not least allow your child to take small decisions, do things independently and analyze the outcomes of their actions. Do not forget to add a healthy balanced diet to all the brain-stimulating activities for best results. Love and tender care for emotional support can complement our efforts to bring the best developmental outcomes to our children.

Dr. Himani Narula

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician Director & Co-founder of Continua kids

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