5 Fun Activities to keep your Kids busy this Summer Vacations

5 Fun Activities to keep your Kids busy this Summer Vacations

Summer vacations are the most awaited time for the kids. But for mothers, it becomes stressful to keep kids busy. Sleeping late, endless outdoor games and outside dinners this schedule go for the first week when holidays start. Soon it fizzles out and babies get bored.
Here are few ideas to keep babies busy during vacations and making their holidays excited and plenty of fun

  1. Introduce them to Gardening

Just like you watch your baby grow and happiness you feel, same happiness can be experienced by your kid. Tell your kid to plant a seed and give water daily and see them grow in front of you. You can also take your kids to the farm to see how veggies grow. This will be learning as well as fun-filled activity for your children

2. Cooking Time

These vacations take help of your kids in the kitchen. Either it’s girl or boy they should know basics of cooking. Do fireless cooking together. This will also encourage them to eat what they cook. If your children are young you can ask them to wash vegetables and arrange salad on a plate.

3. Go for Picnic

Is there a park in your neighborhood. You can pack a delicious picnic tiffin along with colors and books. Refresh old memories, jokes, read books is a fun idea to keep babies busy this vacations.

4. Pool Time

In summers playing in water is heaven. Fixed a one day in the week for the pool day. Let kids enjoy in the pool along with finger foods made by them.you can call their friends too.

5. Games to keep kids busy

Refresh old memories this vacations. Play old games with your kiddos like snake and ladder, ludo etc. You could let them play video games but in the limit.

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