Writing that started as a therapy for Anupama Jain made her launch “When Padma Bani Paula”-her first novel

Writing that started as a therapy for Anupama Jain made her launch “When Padma Bani Paula”-her first novel

In 2013, Anupama was discovered with a major illness. Writing in her case has been therapeutic and liberating. It has given her a new direction and a brand new identity. When the churning thoughts within, are penned launch of her first novel cogently and presented to the world at large, it is an exhilarating experience. The icing on the cake is to find that overwhelming resonance. The aphrodisiac power of likes is unbelievable. Writing has become the right choice as it has set her free to explore a different side to her.

“I am an accidental late entrant to this enigmatic world of writing. My writing journey is barely five years old. I started writing little notes to overcome a particularly tough year. One thing led to the other and here I am celebrating the launch of my first novel” says Anupama.

Anupama is also an Admin of an FB group ‘SeniorSchoolMoms’, a published author, and an avid blogger. Her debut novel ‘When Padma Bani Paula’ has been received well. She have published multiple stories and Snippets and contributed to many online parental forums. She is also among the top bloggers in India. Satire and humor are her chosen literary weapons to deal with the vagaries of the world.

Challenges Anupama faced?

An author has to be different, that too constantly to grab the discerning readers’ attention. Not an easy job at all although a good write-up will always sustain itself. Plus the road to being a published author doesn’t happen overnight. Unless one takes the Self-Publishing route.

During this process of her writing a book, Anupama learnt to add layers to a story, use the ‘show’ technique and look at a story dispassionately. She learnt to be open-minded, trusting and patient as the publishing process takes time. Repeated iterations!

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Bad? My hair has become progressively thin. My sleep cycle has become erratic ( I had to wait for the family to sleep so that I could start writing in peace.

Anupama’s Message to Fellow Women

Each one of us has a different tale and a different journey. Work completes us and family sustains us. We make our own rocking story. The trick is to take life as it comes and in your stride and not get overwhelmed by it. There is no shortcut to success. The key is to always improve and update self. Do the best as you can in each situation.

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