This Mom’s Concern towards “Toxic Childhood“ built LitJoys- Nurturing joys of learning in children

This Mom’s Concern towards “Toxic Childhood“ built LitJoys- Nurturing joys of learning in children

Ekta is an architect, anthropologist and the Founder of LitJoys, an early learning venture. She have several years of experience as an innovation consultant, designing products and services across sectors based on a deep understanding of human behaviours and psychologies.

Story behind Ekta starting LitJoys

7 years ago, Ekta was moved by the behaviour of her 3 year old niece, who was hooked on to her ipad for the entire day.

When she became a mother herself and learnt about the concept of ‘Toxic Childhood’ – how addiction to screens, plastic toys, junk food and lack of parental involvement is damaging our children, she decided to quit her innovation consulting job to start designing positive learning experiences. Deep inside, she was worried about her son experiencing this toxicity.

A year after doing research with mothers and children, she founded LitJoys in early 2017. She started designing creative learning products for young children between 3-8 yrs, which make them read, experience and create real life stories or record their real life experiences.

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Her products make children more observant of their surroundings, connect them to nature and help them reflect on their other experiences and take action and change behaviours accordingly, beyond just doing activities at home the products intend to build habits and values in children that make them more aware, conscious and concerned human beings and healthier, responsible citizens.

She also conduct family experiential learning workshops to help families (moms, dads and kids) spend quality time with each other and strengthen their bonding as well as learn together in a fun way.

Challenges Ekta faced in her entrepreneurial journey

Right from production challenges with vendors refusing to work on creative pieces of small numbers to website development as Ekta lacked technical know- how and could not afford to hire resources. However, by handling every function on her own from design, production, marketing, on her own in the first year she has had many great learning’s which give her more confidence around managing different functions of her venture in future.

Initially there was a lot of resistance as everyone around thought what I was doing will never be successful as it was against the societal trend. Being a non tech idea she was also challenged to find funders who could see potential of scale in it.

In next 5 years Ekta wish to take the venture to new heights as the best learning brand in India and LitJoys learning and parenting philosophy spreading worldwide.

Her message to fellow Mompreneurs is:

Dream big, aim high and never give up on your passion.

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