Attention Pregnant Ladies: It’s a Chandra Grahan(moon eclipse)

Attention Pregnant Ladies: It’s a Chandra Grahan(moon eclipse)

“O no, swanika, don’t use knife, as it’s Chandar grahan and it will effect baby also.” said swanika’s mother in law. But as swanika was a modern girl, so she didn’t believe all this myths.

As we know, we will witness the longest lunar eclipse of the century on the night of Friday 27 July, 2018, an event that will see the moon in earth’s shadow.

Pregnant womenn are one of the most delicate persons to look after during the time of Suraj or Chander grahan.

According to Hinduism, pregnant women should take the precautions to avoide bad effects of Suraj or Chandra grahan.

1. The first precaution that every pregnant woman has to take, is to avoid looking at the eclipse. She should not look at the Suraj or Chander grahan with naked eyes.

2.  Woman should stay at home during the time of eclipse.

3. There is strong believe that pregnant woman should not wear any tight clothes or wear any pin or clip in hair during this time period.

4. She should avoid cutting fruits and vegetables or use of knife during this grahan.

5. Some people even think that pregnant women should not sleep during eclipse and some says she should have plenty of rest during this without moving much.

There are many other popular beliefs about lunar eclipse during the pregnancy, followed in India. However, there is no harm following some of them, as it will give peace to your elders. As they say, do not see at the eclipse with naked eyes, as it may have negative effect on your eyesight, if not immediately than later in life. We all know in normal day-to-day life pregnant woman needs a lots of rest, so this is the best time to get a break from Your daily boring routine and get plenty of rest and having a bath before going to sleep will relax your body so there is no harm in following it anyway. However, donot refrain yourself from eating and drinking water during it, you may reduced glucose level in the blood or dehydration in the body.

I know there is no scientific proof for all this, but there is not any study which disapprove them. So think about the possible belief that u can follow without affecting your body. Don’t object every belief or custom because you don’t believe. Just think, your caretakers are advising you because they care about you and the life inside you. So just by performing zero risk factor, you can offer peace to your family and to yourself too.

Shilpi Bhandari

Shilpi Bhandari, mother of two kids, who give him new experiences in life  n inspire to write it down..m creative by to read n expressing my thoughts.