Ways to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

Ways to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

Staying fit during your pregnancy is difficult, but not impossible. For the sake of a new life in your womb, it is important to keep yourself fit in pregnancy as this affects the overall mental and physical development of you and your baby. So read these tips to keep yourself fit during pregnancy.

Take proper rest: During pregnancy, you may feel tired, fatigue, nausea, so make sure you get proper sleep and rest in between your daily chores. This will give relaxation and recharge your body.

Drink lots of water: It is important to keep your body hydrated, so drink lots of water and fluid like coconut water, Lassi etc. This will help with dehydration, constipation and keep you energetic. Stay away from carbonated drinks and alcohol as they can worsen the situation.

Proper diet: To keep yourself fit and proper development of the baby, it’s essential to comprise nutritious and balanced food in your diet. Include food rich in iron, folic acid and vitamins. Prefer fresh and homemade food. Avoid oily, spicy and junk food.

Physical activity: Now it can be yoga, breathing exercises or a gentle walk. Just keep yourself active. With the help of yoga, pelvic muscles get strong which helps in carrying the baby in womb comfortably. A walk helps in keeping your body fit in pregnancy. Prefer walking shoes over sandals as you might get slipped, but do not run or walk fast.

Follow doctor’s advice: Take proper medications and diet supplements prescribed by your gynaecologist. Hence it is very important to keep your body fit and healthy, after all a healthy mother delivers a healthy baby, right!

Wishing you a healthy pregnancy. 😊

Amarjeet Sonia Madaan

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