Can a wife be a mother to the Husband??…. Or a Daughter a mother to the father

Can a wife be a mother to the Husband??…. Or a Daughter a mother to the father

18th September 2006, 10.30 am the husband N called the wife M and had a pleasant conversation about the new fridge and TV They had just bought and about their daughter, who was going to visit them in a weeks’ time.

10.35 am again the call comes to M ( the wife), she before answering the phone, thinks that the husband seems to be in a good mood and is calling again, little did she know that the earlier call was the last call she would ever receive from him

The call was from her N’s colleague to inform her that, N has been rushed to the emergency and she should immediate come as, doctors are not saying anything. M along with her neighbour on a scooter drove to the hospital to learn that her husband has had a brain stroke and the doctors are trying to revive him. Well the brain stroke was fatal and N had gone into comma.

M has two children, a son and a daughter, they both were alongside here in her difficult time, and the daughter (D) decided to shift with the mother, to take care of her and her father. N stayed in the hospital for 3 months in the state of comma, and then the doctors conveyed that, he is clinically stable, however neurologically he would be in this state for ever.

N was taken home, to be taken care of, the wife M now became the mother to N and so did the daughter D. From giving bath to feeding to helping with all nature calls, M did everything for N. She nurtured him for seven years day in and day out. Her life was all around N, who was not on his own, He was in comma, he could not do anything, and he did not understand he did not speak, he did not have water or food thru his mouth. He was almost like a vegetable. Every few months he would fall ill and the mother daughter duo would take decisions of life and death and yet made sure that the home environment was happy and all occasions were celebrated with great pomp and show, hoping that something may trigger his brain and he would come out of comma.

The Daughter D made sure, that her mom M had her share of socialising and going out, as she being the primary care taker would get impacted by the stressful life she lead.

A mother, as we all know forgets everything and takes care of her child. What did M do, is more than a mother could do for her child. N eventually passed away in his sleep and created a big vacuum in M’s life. A feeling that every mother goes thru when her kids leave the nest and fly away for further studies or job, but she hopes they will come, in this mothers case that hope came to an end.

This lady M, forgot what it means to be a wife as she was NOW the MOTHER, the MOTHER OF SON of another Mother who she married and whose kids she raised.

I salute her, I salute the caring mother in her, Do we todays Mother or daughters or children, have that energy, spirit and zeal to do so much and give unconditional love to our littles one?

Also via this blog, I appeal to all Family members, always take care of your loved ones no matter what situation may come. Also make sure that the primary caretaker is looked after with utmost love and affection

Akta Sehgal Malhotra

Akta, is a management graduate with specialization in Marketing & Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies. Over 17 years of corporate experience in the field of Wealth Management & Advising clients across industries. Akta Sehgal is the Manas behind Manas Management Advisors.