Pitru Paksh 2023: Do’s and Don’ts during Shradh

Pitru Paksh 2023: Do’s and Don’ts during Shradh

It’s that time of the year again where we pay homage to our ancestors and remember them by observing a 16 day shradh.

Check out what the experts say to observe in this 16 days shradh:

As suggested by Astrologer Sunita Krishna “During Pitru Paksha, it is believed that all the seven realms are open, allowing our offerings to reach our ancestors.

To honor them, people should engage in various acts of charity such as feeding the needy, donating clothes and food grains, and caring for animals like crows, birds, dogs, and cows.

Remembering our ancestors, seeking their blessings, and asking for forgiveness, hold great importance during this time.

Performing Tarpan, especially if there is Pitru Dosha in the family ( your horoscope reflects it ) is a common practice.

Lighting a mustard oil diya by the south or main door in their name is considered highly auspicious.

It’s important to note that during these days, some traditions advise against buying certain items like brooms, salt, and mustard oil.

Similarly, Numerologist & Reiki Healer Deipali Ddosshi says, “Place a pot filled with water on your balcony and let birds specifically crows come and drink it.

The power of gratitude is very important.

Tarot Card Reader & Healer Antara Dalvi says

The best thing you can offer to your Ancestors is Gratitude because we would not exist without their contribution and may not have all the things we have today.

Adding to the list of Do’s and Don’ts Manasi Pandey, Founder of Life N More shares:

  1. Keep your hands up in prayer.
  2. Thank the ancestors for their support and guidance.
  3. If you are going through blocks, pray and ask for help to clear.
  4. Eat clean and light.
  5. Do not sleep in afternoon.
  6. Take a shower before bed and ask your beloved ancestor to visit or answer your question in your dream.
  7. Detox your body and mind.

Do share what you are doing this Pitru Paksh.

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