Indian Education System – Are we being educated or being turned into Talking Parrots( Ratu Tota)

Indian Education System – Are we being educated or being turned into Talking Parrots( Ratu Tota)

I passed out from school way back in 1996, and completed all my education by 2001. I was a science student and studied all subjects including physics and chemistry, though I was keen on becoming a doctor, yet I dint have much subjects to choose from which would help me in preparing for my Medicine, let alone Biology. Did I need to study other subjects?

Do I remember anything that I studied in school or college, well the answer is a loud NO. May be selectively I do, but it’s of no consequence.

I am a financial advisor and what I do for a living, nothing of it was taught to me in school or college. Day one when I joined my first job, the very first assignment which was given to all management trainees, was to evaluate the Weekly Statistics report from RBI, and we all had a Look HUH??? What the hell is this? Seven MTs and none was aware what this is.

It’s been almost 17 years of working, and nowhere have I used my so called formal education. What I learnt, was on the job, by reading articles, by making mistakes. So all in all it was experiential and hands-on.

I come to the moot question, did I waste my foundation years of learning to a system, which has been going on for donkey years. No one wants to contest it, even after the fact, that so much is said and spoken about.

The Indian education system we follow was introduced during the British Raj, just make us more usable and make is a little more learned slave.

We are in the 21st Century, has the teaching methodology changed, may be yes, but to a certain extent at certain schools, who now follow international syllabus or curriculum.

As a parent of a toddler, I am worried, would she be also taught, how I was, thank god for some international concepts like Hi-scope, Credo, Montessori, IN, that we do have a option to have a different experience. However, as parents are we willing to accept, the new ways of teaching, where, toddlers are not taught ABC in a chronological order, where everything is experiential, where concepts are being explained at a very young age, science is introduced to stimulate their mind?

Parents get hassled when their tiny tots are not made to write, and on the other hand some schools are in such a rush to finish the syllabus, as if their bus is leaving.

Nursery children in the first month of school, need to write 5 pages every day with a new alphabet every day? Isn’t this criminal; All this is adding stress to kids and parents too, however I ask parents, what are they expecting, A well-educated child, whose brain cells are activated by the means of education and hands on experience or a Ratu Tota who is just writing and reading aimlessly, just to achieve one aim in life which is to score a 100.

The current education system lacks the following

  1. Experiential learning
  2. The free will to do things
  3. No encouragement for trying new things
  4. Out of the box thinking – Are u crazy
  5. Score or marks oriented
  6. A learning environment, and not a grade measuring tool

Parents, Educationist, Government – We need to shape our future better??? Are you with me???

Akta Sehgal Malhotra

Akta, is a management graduate with specialization in Marketing & Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies. Over 17 years of corporate experience in the field of Wealth Management & Advising clients across industries. Akta Sehgal is the Manas behind Manas Management Advisors.

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