Bring 16 Best Indoor Plants to Improve Home Beauty & Air Quality

Bring 16 Best Indoor Plants to Improve Home Beauty & Air Quality

Bring these 16 indoor plants in your home and get the experience of ultimate freshness and natural beauty.

Not only do the plants and trees around us appear appealing to the eyes but they also provide oxygen for our survival. Yet despite knowing their importance for our survival we always see less and less of them. However many people have started to realize the need of the hour and have started opting for Indoor plants, as not everyone can have a garden or a terrace garden, that’s why indoor plants are becoming very popular these days.

Plants not only make everything around them beautiful but they also come with various health benefits. So we recommend to you these 16 indoor plants which will be loved by you. These will spread greenery in your home and make the air around you fresh.

Areca Palm

The Areca Palm purifies the air and saves us from harmful diseases. It removes obnoxious gases like carbon monoxide from the air and maintains moisture in the air. You can add this plant in a beautiful flower pot and put it as a decorative piece in your living room. This plant grows tall with time so put it in a place with high ceilings. Sometimes the dust sits on its leaves so it needs to be cleaned so that its beauty can be retained. Once every 2-3 months it is important to put the plant outside in the sunshine.

Pine Plant

The Pine plant doesn’t require much care and attention. All you have to do is keep trimming it from time to time. It purifies the air inside your house and can be kept anywhere according to your liking. The speciality of this plant is that it gives oxygen even during the night time.

Aloe Vera

Not only does the Aloe Vera plant purifies the air of the home but it also has other advantages like maintaining the beauty of the hair and skin. This plant doesn’t require much care and grows easily by itself but trimming from time to time is essential. It doesn’t require to be watered everyday but do water it once in 3-4 days.

Spider Plant

Spider plants come in lots of varieties so you can choose any type of it according to your choice. You can use it as a hanging plant and the ideal place to put it would be your living room or your balcony.


Pothos is like a vine which can be planted in your drawing room, window or stairs. The vines of the Pothos plant become very long and spread far so it requires support with a wood or rope-like structure. This plant thrives in the light of bulb and the tube light , it is recommended to plant it in the bedroom so that you can inhale fresh air all day.

Gerbera Daisy

This plant eliminates the polluted particles from the air. Beautiful flowers grow on this plant which remain fresh for several days. You can put this plant in your bedroom.

Boston Fern

Boston Fern eliminates pollution present inside the house. This plant requires water so it is better to keep it on your balcony. If you wish to keep it inside your home you’d have to water it quite frequently.

Money Plant

This plant is called the money plant because it saves your money which goes off to the doctor when you fall sick, this plant is like an in-house doctor which eliminates all the chances of you falling sick. This plant absorbs carbon dioxide, releases oxygen and reduces the pollutants present in the air. This is both an indoor and outdoor plant, it can also be grown inside a bottle with some water.

Dracena Plant

The Dracena Plant is suitable for every type of weather condition. In summers it controls humidity in the air and in winters it controls the pollution level. You can put it anywhere be it indoors or outdoors.

Snake Plant

This plant looks like a snake, hence it is called the snake plant. NASA has declared this plant as a really good air purifier. It doesn’t require much time in the sunshine and the amount of water required by it is also very low.

Peace Lily Plant

This plant removes the dangerous gases present in the air and makes it fit for the inhaler. You can put it in your living room.

Lady Palm

The Lady palm plant eliminates pollution from the air and spreads freshness inside your home. In summers it also maintains the temperature inside your room.

Philodendron Plant

This plant appears very appealing from the front, its leaves appear as if they have been cut by a designer. If you don’t get enough sunshine inside your house then this plant is the most perfect fit for you as it doesn’t require any sunshine.

English Ivy

English ivy is an evergreen plant that offers some surprising benefits. As a houseplant, it may help to purify the air. Research suggests that when ingested, it may provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. In addition, it appears to be useful in reducing coughs, colds and viral infections. It can be put in the drawing room.

Dumb Cane or Leopard Lily

This plant has double shade leaves which appear very beautiful to the eyes. This plant maintains the oxygen level inside your house. It can be put anywhere according to your preference.

Green Tulsi

The Green Tulsi plant provides oxygen and various medicinal benefits. It is useful in reducing the effect of coughs and colds and also increases immunity. Because of its health benefits, it is also used in various medicines. It is recommended to add the tulsi leaves in your Tea to avoid chances of getting sick in the future. The health benefits of the Green Tulsi plant makes it a must have inside your home.

If you were looking for indoor plants, these were the best indoor plants which can be kept inside your home. Other than providing a beautiful vibe to your household , they also provide numerous health benefits. So go on and add these plants to your shopping list and make your home a safe space against the pollution.

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