5 Plants that combat Air Pollution and keep your home fresh

5 Plants that combat Air Pollution and keep your home fresh

People across Delhi NCR are badly impacted by the growing menace of air Pollution.

Small deadly particles of pollution that enter inside our homes not only make it unhealthy to live but also makes our living difficult.

Here are 5 plants that can help you have the fresh air inside your homes.

1. Lady Palm: This palm has the power to attract the poisonous gas in the atmosphere, pollution particles, dust towards itself and help in making the environment of home fresh & pure.

2. Snake Plant: This is yet another plant which imparts fresh air. It gives out oxygen and takes all kind of poisonous bacteria in the atmosphere.

3. Spider Plant: This plant has certain fibres inside it that can eliminate the toxic particles in the air. It is one of the best plant when it comes to cleaning and getting fresh air in homes.

4. Areca Palm: Also known as bamboo this plant has properties of cleaning the air. It also facilitates the air purification through trapping all the poisonous gases and toxic materials inside it.

5.Tulsi Plant: One of the most ancient plant in the history, Tulsi has certain antibacterial properties which eliminates the poisonous air .It gives out oxygen throughout the night.


Lina Pawar

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