Tips on Dhanteras to attract prosperity

Tips on Dhanteras to attract prosperity
  1. Buy Gomti Chakra, Silver Fish, Elephant, or Lords Idols.
  2. Buy Broom(special brooms are available in the market) which is used in puja.
  3. Buy Gold or Silver jewellery or coins.
  4. Buy utensils made of silver, copper, or clay, and fill with rice or other grains.
  5. Chant Lakshmi Kuber mantra, can also setup energised Kuber Yantra in business safe/locker area.
  6. Feed Jaggery with Ghee or Chapati to a cow as it’s a day for Goddess Dhanvanteri.
  7. Idols must be faced in East direction and your puja setup in North-East side and while performing puja must sit facing North.
  8. Do not sell anything on this day, can do charity.
  9. Red or Pink or Wheatish colour should be the theme of the day.
  10. Keep your cleaning or waste in South direction, maintain pure cleanliness.

Punam Singh

Punam Singh is the Founder- AstroLondon . She has great knowledge in the field of Vedic Astrology.

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