Ways to Give a rustic look to your space this Navratri

Ways to Give a rustic look to your space this Navratri

The Festive season is here and it starts with the most auspicious festival Navrati that is widely celebrated all over the country. Being a major Indian festival Navrati is celebrated with great pomp and show, dancing your heart out.

The festival is dedicated to inviting and welcoming prosperity into one’s life and home, keeping that in mind the festival gives a beautiful chance to decorate your home, your favorite space more vibrant and attractive. Giving a rustic look to your space is the new trend. There are a plethora of ways to decorate your home, this Navratri, decorate it like never before.

Unique yet simple ways to give your home a rustic look this Navratri –

● Start with the Entrance-

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Your entrance is the main charm of your house, so to start with your entrance giving a rustic yet beautiful look is you can decorate your place, all over with garlands of orange flowers, marigold flowers can be a big show giving an amazing look all over, setting with the Incense sticks(agarbatti) on the start to spread the fragrance all over the place making your friends and family smell and vibe the beauty all over.

● Recreate your Room-

To give a new rustic look to your own space or your room the best way to make your space look bright and beautiful is by adding vibrant colors like orange and green all over your natural walls going with textured paint or with the textured wallpaper with some sort of pattern in rustic orange and green making it your favorite wall, but eventually if you get bored you can repaint the wall or change the wallpaper. Put beautiful candles on the sides of your room and your room is all set to celebrate all along

● Bling Up

Decorative items play a major role in giving an alluring and charming look to your house adding substance to your space, to give a jazz yet rustic look you can hold on to the old diya or get beautiful diyas and keep it all over your house which looks quite appealing, the old Garba pots can be a charm too, decorate it with some glitters and artworks and they will steal the show.

● Hanging Crafts and Rangoli-

You can go with the hanging crafts all your space by hanging some pleasing wall hangings all around or hanging bells all near your Mandir with beautiful rangoli making it colorful and lively with flowers and glitters too. Bring ornamented idols that will give a gold and rustic kinda vibe again & start making your space more festive with god & goddess kept on central making it a central piece of the day.

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● Light Up your evening –

Lights are always an integral part of our Indian festivals, you get to choose bright lights for both your room and mood. If you have a garden or a balcony decorate the light all over the place and lighten the house

● Reuse the best –

If you are creative in your best way reuse the old bottles lights, glass bottles and make them look decorative and can use all along, vibrant crane crafts can even add depth to your way festive vibe.

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