Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes? Know more from an expert

Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes? Know more from an expert

Dark circles and bags, also known as puffiness, under the lower eyelids are quite common issues of the modern era. These eye conditions invite many pertinent questions about your sleeping patterns, mental health, eating habits and your lifestyle. Although there is not a specific reason for such eye-related issues, there can be many neglected patterns of things that you might be doing that are bringing you to the receiving end.

According to the various experts, the remote working in the era of the coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes in our lifestyle and the disturbed work-life pattern is the pivotal reason behind a sharp increase in the number of under-eye dark circles and puffiness cases, especially in the youth. Our skin around the eyes is overly sensitive and a little stress is first reflected around it.

Here are some of the ways through which you can bid adieu to the under eye issues:

The Dire Need for Quality Sleep

Quantity Sleep is where you sleep for a minimum of 8 hours and still wake up tired(perhaps due to improper diet and stress before bed) and then there is Quality Sleep where you sleep for around 4-6 hours and wake up fresh. The thin line between these two decides the condition of your eyes for the entire day. No doubt, there are several cosmetic procedures to hide blemishes and dark circles, somehow, tiredness is still reflected and it takes away the shine from your eyes. Oversleeping, and staying up late past bedtime are also obstacles to quality sleep. It can cause fatigue and paler skin.

Long Hours on Screens

Staring at your mobile phone or laptop can cause eyestrain, which also leads to sleep deprivation. While you strain your eyes with constant scrolling and work overload, the blood vessels around them take the trouble too. They are enlarged and ultimately result in dark skin around your delicate eyes.

Watch What you Eat

Avoiding a balanced diet is the cause of many ailments in the human body. The trend of consuming tantalizing junk food has disastrous effects and leads to a set of harmful endings. A lack of proper vitamins, minerals, and nutrients will ultimately give you tiredness. When you don’t eat properly, everything is affected from your sleep, daily routine activities, brain functions, and skin health, and the utmost harm is done to the beautiful pair of eyes.

Apply under eye gels

Dark circles and puffiness are the most common skincare concerns around the eyes. Whatever your age or skin type, one thing is certain: an eye cream or eye gel should be a regular part of your beauty routine. Most eye creams or gels contain a potent combination of essential nutrients such as retinol and vitamin C, which can make a significant difference in removing dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness.

End Note

Apart from the above, there are various reasons for the gloomy clouds beneath your eyes; allergies, overexposure to the sun, smoking, inherited genes, anemia, thinning skin under the eyes, dermatitis, and others. What you can do is take utter care of your health. Watch what you eat and the products you use for the undereye area. Keep yourself hydrated, consume a proper diet, and ensure that you get quality sleep on daily basis. Your eyes are as important as any part of the body. Neglecting its health will do no good and cost you more than you can imagine. Dermatologists call dark circles and bags as one of the common issues in patients. Some of us hate the way it makes us look but remember that these do no harm and no difference to your flawless face.

Mrs. Anjula Masurkar

Clinical Director, ENTOD Pharmaceuticals

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