Diaper Hygiene Rules For First-Time Moms

Diaper Hygiene Rules For First-Time Moms

Being a first-time mom can make you overwhelmed with excitement as well as nervousness. The first-time moms want to ensure that they leave no room for mistakes and take care of their baby in the best possible way. Through the continuous sleepless nights and innumerable diaper changes, being a first-time mom can be very exhausting.

A first-time mom’s bag will usually be stocked with diapers and rash-free creams more than anything else, and the reason being the constant worry that the baby shouldn’t experience any discomfort, diaper rash or infection.

Hence, changing diapers frequently is a must, however, it can get messy and daunting. Paridhi Mantri, Lead, Consumer Insights and Product Innovation at Super Cute’s shares a few rules to keep in mind during diaper duty.

Opting for the right diapers

To ensure your baby has a comfortable and rash-free day, opt for diapers that are ultra-thin and super-absorbent. Since the primary cause of diaper rash is built-up moisture and lack of proper air circulation, ultra-thin diapers allow the baby’s skin to breathe. Also, they are not bulky and discomforting, so it lets babies stay active throughout the day. The diaper should also have the right amount of absorbency to make sure the area stays dry and clean. Moreover, it is important to pick the right size so that it fits well and avoids any leakage, or you may end up having a diaper blast.

Cleanliness is a priority

Hygiene and cleanliness are the top priority while changing diapers to keep all bacteria and germs away. Always use a clean surface to change baby’s diaper. Begin with wiping down the changing table using a disinfectant. Then, wash your hands and clean your baby’s bottom by using a clean, soft cotton cloth dipped in warm water, pat the area dry and place a clean washed cloth under the baby before using the new diaper.

Frequently change diapers

As babies soil their clothes and diapers every few hours, changing the diaper at regular intervals is extremely important for their comfort and hygiene. You must change the diaper at least every 2-3 hours while also cleaning or wiping the baby’s bottom. The moisture in a dirty diaper causes rashes and attracts various infections, therefore ensuring the area is dry and germ-free is crucial.

Proper disposal of diapers

It is highly essential to properly dispose the used diapers so as to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment. You can roll up the diaper carefully and reseal the adhesive tapes to hold it in place and make a ball that’s fairly germ-free on the outside. It is suggested to dump the diaper content into the toilet before discarding it into a waste container or pail.

Paridhi Mantri

Paridhi is leading Consumer Insights & Product Innovation at Soothe HealthCare.