Different Breastfeeding Positions

Different Breastfeeding Positions

Breastfeeding positions like sex need more try to figure out which one feels comfortable for you and your baby. There are many types of breastfeeding positions.

There is no right or wrong way to hold the baby. The stability and comfort of the mother and baby are more important.

Whatever position you are choosing make sure,

  • Your baby is stable and well supported. The head, neck, and spine should be in proper alignment.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and have snacks nearby to munch.
  • Keep an eye on your baby’s latch. A good latch is a key to breastfeeding.
  • Last not but not least, Make sure you’re well supported and relaxed. Use comfy cushions, and pillows to support your hands, and back.

To name a few breastfeeding positions,

  • Cradle Hold
  • Football Hold
  • Side Lying Position
  • The biological nursing position
  • Kola Hold or Upright Position

Cradle Hold Breastfeeding Position

The universal breastfeeding position. The mother sits upright the baby positioned in the mother’s arm. Baby held close more tummy to tummy connection. But it’s not easy as it looks. Holding a newborn is quite difficult in this position. Use a pillow or cushion to support your hand and back when feeding your baby in this position.

Football Hold Breastfeeding Position

This position is ideal for mothers with c-sec, multiples, and a large breast.

In the football hold, the baby’s body is along the side of the mother, with the baby’s feet towards the back of the chair. In this position, the mother sits along with the baby.

Large-breasted women can roll a towel and keep it underneath the breast. It will hold the breast upright and helps with breastfeeding.

Side Lying Breastfeeding Position

My favorite position of all. Side lying is an ideal position for night feeding and relaxing. Here the mother and baby need to lie on their sides next to each other, tummy to tummy.

This position is most suitable for women who had c-sec and stitches.

The biological nursing position

Also known as a laid-back nurturing position. Here the baby is placed on the mother’s chest or tummy. The baby will instinctively crawl, and gravity helps with latch and keep the baby in place.

Upright Breastfeeding Position

Kola hold or upright position is a convenient position to breastfeed an older child. The baby sits upright with its spine straight. It is ideal for babies who can sit straight with no support. For babies suffering from reflux or low muscle tone, this is a better position to try out.

Like I always say, every mother and child pair is unique. What worked for one may or may not always work for you.

Happy Breastfeeding and Happy Parenthood !!!

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