Anti-Obesity Day: Check out what these experts says on weight loss

Anti-Obesity Day: Check out what these experts says on weight loss

Losing those extra kilos is very easy when you have the right motivation and the strong desire to achieve the desired weight. Now what should you do if you want to reduce weight?

We all know starting a plan is difficult. So take a paper and pen and write down the reasons for weight loss. Write them somewhere easily visible to you and read them min 3 times a day.

Reasons can be many like health reason, to enhance your appearance or an approaching family function.

For motivation you can also take out a 2 size smaller dress and decide to wear it after two months. Make your goals easy and attainable, that will give you motivation and keep you on track. It’s very important to celebrate your success. your each Kg lighter feeling should be celebrated with a new dress or a gift to yourself- Dr. Surabhi Jain Founder Nutriwell India 

According to Nutritionist Gunjani Parekh, “Diet is something that we do for short term gain while a lifestyle is something that you can see yourself doing truly for the rest of your life. Healthy eating for life leads to permanent weight loss. Studies have shown people who have regular breakfast tend to have lower weight. A healthy breakfast with lots of whole grains, fruits, nuts, and dairy makes you full and energetic throughout the day. Water is essential when it comes to burning calories. When you are dehydrated your metabolism slags which means slower weight loss. Make a habit of getting water bottle with you at all times.

Purnima Bahuguna from HealthMantra believes that for weight loss, a glass of warm water along with 1 tsp of honey may be taken on empty stomach in the morning. Continuing it for 1 month, will surely show good results. One can avoid weight and weight gain, if lukewarm water is being taken throughout the day as it helps to melt fat. Ginger tea  also acts like as fat dissolver. Three white products i.e. sugar, salt and maida should be avoided, as these helps to weight gain.through avoiding junk food, sweets and fatty products one can easily combat with weight and obesity. Fruits such as bananas, mangoes, chikoos and grapes should also be amiss if you are planning to reduce weight.

Sushma Tiwari, Founder of MirrorsNImages says weightloss is more about your mindset than about your diet. Unless and until you have that strong desire in yourself to get fit, to look good and to get that confidence of yours back no one can make you lose weight.As far as diet is concerned our Asian body is more active in the day time and gets inactive as the day passes. So the most important meal which contributes to Weight loss or Weight gain is your dinner. Keep a check that u don’t consume heavy food at night. Try and go for 15 to 20 mins of strolling before going to bed.

The way in which you treat your body can have a profound impact on your body, mind and soul balance. The body has its own natural rhythms that are designed to uphold its state of balance. This includes the natural cycles of sleep, diet and exercise. According to Dr Richi Seth, owner Lifestyle Makeover, qualified health professional and Lifestyle coach Get yourself checked once a year as we all know PREVENTION is better than CURE,  Do not opt for crash or fad diets, go for something which u can follow and your  body  response, ditch all the processed foods which are the biggest reason of obesity in all ages.

According to Harshita Dilawri passionate nutritionist, diabetic educator  and a metabolic balance coach  “Portion control is difficult, yet the easiest way to lose weight, keep it off and moreover, it’s a lifestyle change, something that can change this whole obesity epidemic. We all struggle with food. This may be the solution to eating our favourite food, by controlling the portions and thereby being fair to our bodies. Once you get into the habit of controlling your portions and knowing how much your body really needs, you then begin to automatically apply the same when you eat out. Portion control simply happens when you start eating your food mindfully.The first step in successful portion control is learning the correct serving size. The serving size can usually be found by reading nutritional labels. But the portion is the amount of food or drink a person chooses to consume.”

Nutritionist Neha Kava adds that including  fibers on meals, measured quantity of oil in a day and use locally available super food are some of the other ways through which you can reduce weight.

As per Losing weight with Exercise and right Balanced diet will be sustainable and you can maintain that. Fluctuation is the key to success, you should do experiments with your diet and exercise regime. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to healthy body.

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