11 Tips for First Time Moms

11 Tips for First Time Moms

If you are a first-time mom you get a whole lot of advices… Do this, don’t do that, this will be better and so on… Then the confusion which goes on in our minds… Ufff…

So here are a few tips based on personal experiences that will help you sail through the time:

1. Listen to all: – There will always be people around to give advices. Listen to all not only so that you do not offend them but also because they might come in handy at one point or another.

2. Join a mommy group: – Join any mothers group on a social media. This way you will get to know how other moms are coping up, what are the things in the market for your baby and also it will help you relieve your stress.

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3. Attend a workshop: – Most hospitals have workshops for mothers to be and parenting. Attend a good one before your child is born so that you are not unaware of what to do when your little bundle of joy comes in your arms.

4. Sleep with the baby: –

Adjust your sleep pattern along with the baby so that you are never sleep deprived.

5. Sex a Stress buster: – We usually go off the physical intimacy when the baby is born because of several reasons but believe me there is no better stress buster you will find. Also, it will bring you closer to your husband than ever before. So as and when your doctor allows feel free to indulge!

6. Each child is different: – What might be suiting some other child might not be beneficial to yours so don’t follow everything which other moms are doing.

7. Dad time: –

It’s important that from the beginning only the child has a Papa time too apart from the involvement dad already has. It will help in strengthening their bond and help in overcoming any inhibitions dad has.

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8. Don’t be overprotective: – We all want our child to be healthy and don’t fall sick. But don’t go overboard with your protectiveness. Their immunity increases as they grow up.

9. Don’t compare: – Never ever compare your baby with any other. All children grow at their own pace and have their share of problems. When in doubt consult your pediatrician for best advice.

10. Give attention: – When your child needs you he/she should be your first priority. Give time to them and believe me gestures speak louder than words when you are with your child. They will catch each and every way you are reacting.

11. Pamper Yourself: – Last but not the least don’t forget to pamper yourself. After giving the birth our body takes it time to recover. So love your body, give it time and pampering and be happy about it.

Do you have any other tips for first time moms? Do share in comment!

Gunjan Ahluwalia

Gunjan Grover from Delhi