How Ritu Balyan is helping the students and parents achieve Mental Health Wellness through her workshops

How Ritu Balyan is helping the students and parents achieve Mental Health Wellness through her workshops

We are often too busy in our schedules and chores that we neglect the kind of mental ailments our children are suffering that can lead to their low self esteem, zero confidence and fears within them.

It may sound a big threat on the mental health of your child but with the help of certified NLP Master Practitioner and a Life Coach Ritu Balyan, who has been trained and mentored by India’s most experienced and innovative NLP Coach, Mr Ram Verma it’s not going to affect the well being of your kids and you.

How Ritu can help you through her workshops and programmes?

Ritu conducts training/ workshops and takes skype/ one to one sessions.

She has been associated with Indian Defense Forces for her training programs in areas of wellness and students success. Apart from this Ritu is getting associated with various schools for students success programs.

She conducts workshops and training on:

  1. Students Success and confidence boosting
  2. Wellness for all
  3. Parenting Workshop
  4. Stress Management Workshop
  5. Goal setting to become a money magnet

Simply enroll in any one of her programmes or workshops to see the impact and difference it creates in your child’s life.

About Ritu’s Journey and her first hand experience that how NLP actually helped her ?

Ritu is a certified NLP Life Coach, Memory Trainer, certified Train The Competent Life Coach (which includes all domains: Corporate NLP, Business NLP, Student NLP and Wellness for all). Not only this, she is an expert in fire walk and also a catharsis trainer(the process of releasing and thereby providing relief from strong or suppressed emotions).

Academically, she did her Bachelor’s in Commerce and Master’s in Entrepreneurship.

Her journey started with NLP few years back when she cured her auto immune disease with its application, and got rid of the so called lifelong disease(without medicines) that was caused due to stress.

Also, NLP and other holistic therapies have given his father a new ray of hope, who because of life threatening accident in 2017, was paralyzed below neck. Where doctors after 1.5 years declared all his nerves as dead and had asked to accept the situation as it is. All because of NLP n other healing, his nerves are alive again and he is showing improvement each day.

Seeing this magic, she got her purpose of life and is helping people in every domain. She not only wants to spread awareness of how easy it is to create magical changes by empowering the subconscious mind but also to help people live a life without stress and medicines.

Her mission is to empower Children so that they can create innovative solutions and make informed choices to improve their lives.

She tries her best to motivate, encourage and empower people to achieve their personal and professional fulfillment.

Her Workshops:

All the Above mentioned workshops are conducted in Delhi/NCR on regular basis.
Also whatsapp training workshop service available for people living in other states.


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