Tips To Make Teeth Summer Ready

Tips To Make Teeth Summer Ready

So, summers are here! And so are the vacations! No early mornings, no school, no boring routine and yes just chilling out in the home or maybe in the hills or a beach vacation. This is a good time to spend quality time with children but to fully enjoy this time are we fully prepared?

Like we checked the swimming costume, football, cricket gear, skates, kitchen full of snacks because children at home would need something to munch on the whole day and of course the first aid box, you never know when do they get that scratch while playing! Did you prepare for your teeth during summers? You might think what special to do about teeth? Well not much, just a few things on your check list and you are good to enjoy these summers without any dental setbacks.

First of all make sure that the brushing routine, morning and evening is well taken care of by you and your children. You shall be enjoying your  morning sleep, maybe keeping awake till late in night watching your favourite show and forget  brushing your teeth. Do not let this routine get disturbed at any cost. Why? You will know soon.

Secondly, its summer time and we love swimming, sometimes hours at a stretch. The water in a pool contains chemicals which are harmful to our skin, hair and teeth. Yes, the chlorine can affect our enamel and can lead to yellowing or brown spots on teeth especially front one. So avoid the pool water to get in the mouth and same old brushing twice daily with fluoridated toothpaste.

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Third, you as well as kids need munching whole day, so why not keep healthy options stocked in kitchen like fruits and salads. Keep those candies, chocolates, chips and fries as far from reach as you can and you will see that kids will prefer handy things! Fruits will keep teeth clean of plaque and gums healthy and do I need to tell you the effect sugary candies has on teeth? Brushing twice daily will surely help!

Fourth, while at home or on an outstation trip encourage drinking water instead of carbonated drinks to keep yourself hydrated. All colas, sodas and other carbonated drinks are full of sugar and acids and will harm the enamel on teeth leading to sensitive teeth and will make your mouth dry. So keep bottles of water more than cans of soda and even if you want to sip one you can use a straw!!

Fifth very important thing is kids indulging in contact sports during vacations and there can be injuries to face, mostly to teeth and jaws. Get the mouth guard or teeth guard customized by your dentist to avoid any dental injury.

Last but not the least, during vacations adults and kids have enough time to get detailed dental checkup done and get any treatment you need at your leisure. Try to get one checkup done before you travel outstation because there should not be any spoilers in terms of toothaches on a fun trip. Last thing you want is a child suffering from toothache while on vacation. Take your prescription and your dentist’s phone number with you so you have help at the click of your phone in case the need arise.

Wishing you all a very happy and smiling summers and a healthy, fun filled rocking vacation! Keep brushing twice daily!

Do share your experiences and those shining teeth pictures!!

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Dr. Vandana Thakran

Dr. Vandana Thakran is a  Founder and Director of Mint Leaf Dental Clinic. She is very well qualified Dental Surgeon with a Post Graduate Degree (MDS) in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. She is a highly dedicated professional and has a rich experience of over nine years from various prestigious dental institutes in India. She takes genuine care to analyze the condition in depth and advise the most appropriate treatment to her patients. Patient satisfaction is her priority. Committed to excellence, she uses the modern dental care and leading technology in her clinic. She is passionate about creating healthy smiles hence ensures the highest quality, precision, convenience, and satisfaction to her patients.