How the fascination of houses, colours and interiors helped this women entrepreneur to follow her passion.

How the fascination of houses, colours and interiors helped this women entrepreneur to follow her passion.

Always intrigued by homes, interiors and colours, Rimaa Bhushan founded her venture Creatives by Rimaa which specialises in doing turnkey interior projects ( residential and commercial projects ) and providing design consultancy.

Born and brought up in Delhi, Rimaa has always been an ambitious and determined girl since her childhood. She is an alumnus of Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi where she has completed her bachelor’s degree. In the meantime, she was constantly nurturing her creative side and developing an eye for artistic and exclusive things.

Design of her Storyboard

Rimaa always had a knack of curating and playing with colours and interior setups. Eventually, this fascination helped her to kickstart the entrepreneurial journey.

How a house tells a story of those who live within,” said Rimaa.

A home is a place where loved ones live together and make memories. Hence, various aspects of that place like space, light and texture can create a certain mood or feeling. So, our designer puts her heart and soul out while shaping the dreams of property owners into reality.

The journey commenced when she moved to Gurugram from Delhi and undertook the interiors of her home. Although it was done with basic mixing of colours, the outcome was more than what she expected. Compliments came in from friends and family alike. This appreciation made her take a more formal approach and she decided to attain a degree in interior designing and start her venture.

After completing her degree in interior designing, Rimaa gained hands-on and immersive experience while she was working with an architect for almost three years. However, she realised that somewhere she was unable to showcase her full potential in the field of creativity and designing.

Moreover, what also struck her was the challenges people faced while getting their space done. This became the catalyst for her to create an interior design studio where she can work independently and transform the look of the houses using her imagination and vision.

The Challenges

Setting up an independent design studio is not a piece of a cake as many obstacles are waiting for the entrepreneur. First and foremost, challenge that Rimaa encountered was creating understanding and building trust with the clients.

She says, “The clients liked working at their own pace. While my involvement was 100% in the projects, some delays and changes in execution used to disturb me.”

Also, finding the right set of people who share similar work ethics, passion and values was extremely challenging for her. The profession of interior designing is mostly dependent on vendors, suppliers and contractors to execute the design, concept and finishing. Hence, it took her quite some time to set up her ‘ACE Team’ who is reliable, in fact, dependable and is in-tune with her level of commitment to meet the deadlines.

While laying the foundations of the venture, Creatives by Rimaa, the designer has faced multiple challenges and being an entrepreneur she still faces them on a day to day basis. Nevertheless, she opines that every hurdle is a learning experience and every situation is God’s way of helping us to learn and grow.

Since our designer has always been an ambitious and determined soul, she found her way through these obstacles and has been awarded achievements in her field.

“Creatives By Rimaa is my dream run that I started without any know-how on running a business,” acclaims the entrepreneur.

Today her venture has gained popularity for elite interior designing and executing projects by successfully handing over multiple luxury apartments, villas, commercial spaces etc. in Delhi NCR.

Despite no dearth of interior designers in Delhi/NCR, she has managed to carve a niche for herself within just 2 years of inception. She strongly believes that all the obstacles or challenges she may have faced become small when she has her clients’ trust and support.

As an experienced professional working in this field, she has a word of advice for the fellow women entrepreneurs who want to start their entrepreneurial journey. According to her, one needs to believe in themselves and go for it, full steam ahead.

Finally, she firmly believes in the adage, Where there is a will, there is a way!

Sanya Gambhir

Sanya Gambhir is a literature Graduate. She also holds a degree in Journalism. She firmly believes that empowering women is the only way forward in building a strong and a progressive nation.