How Dr Noopur Jain’s grandfather inspired her to kickstart her entrepreniual venture Skinzest

How Dr Noopur Jain’s grandfather inspired her to kickstart her entrepreniual venture Skinzest

Based in Gurugram, dermatologist Noopur Jain kickstarted her entrepreneurial journey by commencing Skinzest almost 5 years back.

The Founder and Consultant Dermatologist of Skinzest, Dr Noopur Jain is one of the leading and highly skilled Dermatologists and Cosmetologists of Delhi NCR. Skinzest is a complete Dermatology and Plastic Surgery centre that offers treatment for all skin and hair related problems.

Starting up 

Breaking the stereotypical mindset of her conservative business family, Dr Noopur took motivation from her grandfather who was a renowned and respected surgeon in the northeast. From the initial years of her childhood, she has decided to become a doctor and help others.

Before starting up her venture, she was associated with various hospitals and skin clinics in Jaipur and Gurugram which gave her ample amount of experience. But somehow she wasn’t satisfied with the way these centres were operating. The corporate chains of skin clinics focussed on selling packages to patients. On the contrary, the big hospitals have small OPDs for Dermatology and pay less attention to invest in the machines that are essential for providing treatments to the patients, so the procedure usually remains incomplete.

Making the best of opportunity, Dr Noopur initiated her Dermatology centre, SKINZEST which offers not only the latest and the best in class treatments to the patients but also be able to address the concerns and skin problems of patients ethically and appropriately. 

The Roadblocks 

The road of being an entrepreneur is not plain sailing as one has to acknowledge the obstacles that come in the way.

During the first few years of the journey, Noopur took almost a year to finalise the space for constructing her clinic as the spaces she saw were either not up to the mark or too expensive.

To commence one’s own company, capital funds are required. In this case, the machinery and setups, especially the laser machines are pretty expensive. The most difficult task was to arrange for that kind of finances.

Also, selecting the right people to build a team and ensuring credibility has been a major challenge too because the setups have to be managed by the staff who have the proper skill set, unlike general hospitals.

“Hiring the right kind of staff with a similar mindset of growth and learning and then training them was another big challenge that I faced, initially,” said Noopur.


With great determination and a strong sense of purpose, the entrepreneur said that one of the biggest achievements of hers is the satisfied and happy patients who always want to come back to her for not only their skin but also any kind of medical advice. This helps Noopur to stay motivated and serve the people efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, Skinzest has received the Best Dermatology centre award in Delhi NCR. Besides, Dr Noopur was awarded ‘The Best Upcoming Dermatologist’ in recent years which just adds cherry to the cake. 

“There is a long way to go but I know that with the right intentions, nothing is impossible!” exclaimed Noopur.

The sterling advice that the entrepreneur and dermatologist want to share to the people who are going to start their entrepreneurial journey is to just stop contemplating and take the plunge.

The formula for success, according to her, is that one needs to have the needs of their customers in mind and then create solutions according to that and not the other way round.

“Don’t worry about competition as there is enough scope for everyone. Just do your research and give in your best. Success will only be automatic by the product of your efforts,” said Dr Noopur Jain.

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