Is your child stubborn? Try out these smart parenting hacks to deal with them

Is your child stubborn? Try out these smart parenting hacks to deal with them

My Little Hiyaan, who is just three years old, was crying like anything and the reason was he spilled some water drops from his bottle and wanted me to put that tiny droplets back to his bottle. I know it seems funny but sometimes it becomes so irritating and frustrating for mothers like me to handle the situations. We all have to face this time when our kids become so stubborn and it almost become impossible to tackle them.

Why kids are so stubborn

Some children are mostly attention seeker. They do it to gain attention from others. Kids are smart enough. They know how to get something from parents, so they create dramas, cry louder and slowly it becomes their habit.

Here are some quick tried and tested ways which can help you to deal with your little monsters    

1. Let them be their own Boss- Kids don’t like when someone else give them commands. So let them be a director of their role. Instead of telling them “go, take bath.” you should say “hey, let’s take bath, it will be fun.” and trust me he will follow you happily.

2. Role model- Children always gets inspired from their parents. So try to be a good role model. Let your kid learn from you how to deal with problems without losing temper or being angry.

3. Avoid Arguments- Don’t get involved in long argument with your children or do not keep on repeating same words. Just say it once and leave your child for a while till he calm down.

4. Give valid reason – Rather than saying “don’t do this” or “don’t do that” give your child a valid reason. Like if you say “do not climb on it or you will get yourself hurt” your child will understand it quickly.

5. Parents consistency- This is a very important factor. Both parents should deal the situation with consistency. If mother is scolding the child for bad behaviour father should support mother or do not interrupt into the matter and vice versa.

6. Be playful- Try to make everything creative around him and try to be playful. If you want him to clean his room rather than saying “you create this mess go clean you’re now” try it like this… “okay, let’s see who will put by all the toys back first.” Or “who will finish his meal first.”

7. Tell him what is right and wrong- Most of the parents gets more frustrated by saying “you should know that this is wrong.” But here parents are wrong. You have to teach your child the difference between right and wrong.

Last but not the least ……..

8. Don’t shout on your child- When your child is throwing tantrums or creating drama don’t raise your voice. Try to be calm and don’t get frustrated. your child will definitely gonna notice and capitalise your behaviour.

It’s very slow and steady process  but as we all know slow and steady always wins the race.

Shilpi Bhandari

Shilpi Bhandari, mother of two kids, who give him new experiences in life  n inspire to write it down..m creative by to read n expressing my thoughts.