How to List and Sell Products Online as Meesho Seller

How to List and Sell Products Online as Meesho Seller

Meesho, a social commerce platform is gaining a lot of popularity these days. It is a platform where people get earning opportunities that can be availed at the leisure of your home. Meesho has become a ray of light for women who aspire to work in a male dominated industry. Applications like meesho provide equal opportunities to everyone and provide them with a platform which favours no specific gender identity.

From the user end, Meesho is a platform that allows people to resell products using their social networks.

Products that can be sold on Meesho

  • Women Ethnic Wear
  • Women Western Wear
  • Apparels for Men
  • Kids Wear
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Furnishing products
  • Cosmetics and skincare
  • Jewellery
  • Electronics and house appliances

There are a variety of products that can be listed on Meesho for selling purposes. The products go under quality checks and the company makes sure that it comes from a good brand. You can sell products, increase your ratings and make a customer-base.

Everything and anything related to clothes, furniture, cosmetics, jewellery, footwear , electronics etc. can be sold on Meesho easily.

How to sell on Meesho

1. Register as a Meesho seller

Create an account on the Meesho app with your correct details and list the products you want to sell. To list your products you need Meesho seller registation, to register as seller yoh need an active bank account and your GSTIN number. On completing the registration, you will have access to the Meesho Supplier Panel. You can then start selling products online to crores of customers who shop on Meesho.

2. Upload catalog and receive orders

Once you have successfully registered, you need to set up your product page. Upload your product catalog on the Meesho Supplier Panel and you’ll be all set to sell and grow your business online. Uploading catalogs on Meesho is very simple. You can either upload a single catalog or upload bulk catalogs through excel. Your product catalog will go live post 72 hours from the time of upload.

3. Shipping and Order Delivery

When you receive an order for your product, you will get an email and an order update on your Meesho Supplier Panel. After that all you have to do is get your product ready to be shipped.
Shipping and Delivery on Meesho is a very stress-free task, Meesho delivers your product at the lowest shipping cost across India. The logistics partner at Meesho pick up the product from the seller’s location and deliver it straight to the customer.

4. Receiving Payments

After 7 days of shipment of your order, be it online or Cash on Delivery, the amount will get credited to your bank account. You can easily view your deposited balance and future payments on the Meesho Supplier Panel.

And that’s it is very easy to list and sell your products on Meesho. In case you face any issues then don’t worry as Meesho also provides Meesho supplier support to solve all your doubts and issues before and after you start your online selling business.

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