How to stay stress free when you have tested positive

How to stay stress free when you have tested positive

“Nothing can come in our Universe without our permission.” I am thorough believer in this adage. If a pandemic like Corona has hit the entire world, then this must be because we as a collective consciousness have given it the permission to enter Mother Earth.

It must have been more of hatred, jealousy, animosity, pride, aggression amongst us and less of love, humanity and harmony which allowed this virus to enter mother earth. The same principle holds for us as individuals. Let me try to explain it to you taking quantum physics as a base.

Quantum Physics has proved that everything is energy but vibrating at different frequencies and this is measures in Hertz or Hz. The vibration of the Corona Virus is 5.5Hz and it dies above 25.5Hz. This means if our vibration is below 25.5 Hz, then we are much more open to an attack from this dreaded virus and we definitely cannot vibrate below 5.5Hz and I feel alarmed to say that fear operates at 0.2Hz to 2.2Hz, it is way below the Corona Virus’s frequency level (Hz) and pain operates lesser than that at 0.1Hz to 2Hz. So, what can we do if we do get hit by this virus?

We have to take actions that would raise our vibrations much above 25.5 Hz. It just requires very simple actions.

  1. Be generous, practice tithing regularly: Donate as much as you can as generosity is 95Hz.
  2. Attitude of Gratitude: Be grateful for all the good health you have had till date and that you are still alive and anticipate good health. Search for reasons to be grateful and you will find thousands of reasons to be grateful and your vibration will rise to 150Hz.
  3. Prayer and Meditate: Pray as much as you can because your vibrations while praying go from 120 to 350Hz but the prayers have to be from your heart. If you are not in a state of mind to prayer, then listen to meditations available on online platform.
  4. Forgiveness: Very essential and need of the hour to forgive all the people who have hurt you. You don’t have to go and tell them actually that “I forgive you”, but tell yourself “I willingly and lovingly forgive _______________ (person’s name) with all love and humility.” Or forgive the way you can as your vibration would reach 639Hz and 639 is the holiest of numbers.
  5. Self – Healing: You can also practice white light healing for cleansing and protection. Sit in a comfortable position and visualize white light is entering at the top of your head and gradually going down your entire body and each and every cell of your body is lit up with this healing white light. Be in that position and visualize that each and every cell of your body is blinking with vitality, immunity and with good health.

You can also visualize while you are bathing that the shower under which you are standing is coming from the heaven is healing liquid and it is washing off all fears, negative emotions, all traces of corona, disease from every cell of your body easily and it is going down the drain. If you are using bucket and mug, imagine the tap giving you water from the heaven and use the mug to pour water on your body with the same visualization as above.

6. Protection for self and family members: Along with the above visualization technique, for protecting self and family members – On left side of the body (e.g. left arm or left leg) with a blue ball pen, you can write this code – 6881443 and it has to be written daily.

7. Positive mental attitude: Invest this precious time in qualitative activities like – reading, learning, practicing your hobby – anything that you like and gives you mental peace. Kindly avoid negative discussions on topics that would disturb you easily. Always remember “Energy follows thoughts.” The way you feed your stomach with food, similarly your mind is fed with food of thoughts.

It is time to raise your vibrations high with simple daily activities and change of habits.

Lastly remember that Corona virus is nothing but a small invisible virus and you are much much more than that. Stay divinely blessed and protected.

Afshan Nafis

Afshan Nafis is the Co-Founder of Care of Mind, Body, Soul - a House of Alternative Healing Therapies. Afshan is a recognized Practicing Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist with rich experience of over 40 years.