Some life lessons to be learnt from ‘Lord Krishna’

Some life lessons to be learnt from ‘Lord Krishna’

“Kanha ki story sunega” when my 22 month old says this every time I am attempting to put him to sleep, I know that kids have some special connection with Lord Krishna, one of the most lovable incarnations of Lord Vishnu. And why I just say kids, we all are in love with this charming baby and wish each one of us has a baby like him. It’s a different thing though that the moment our kids start making mischiefs which are anywhere near to what Lord Krishna did during his childhood, we start lecturing them (and that’s ok – even Maa Yashoda did that, whenever required 😉 ).

So I was wondering the other day that why is it so? Why do we love Lord Krishna inspite of the fact that he was one of the naughtiest child of Vrandavan. And what are we suppose to tell our kids every time they question us that “Mumma, Lord Krishna did all kinds of mischievous things still we worship him, but you stop me from doing anything that he did”. I realised the need to satisfy the curious mind of my child rather than shutting her by saying that “He is God and you are not”. So I decided to tell her about few of the important life lessons that Lord Krishna taught the entire human race by leading a life of a commoner in spite of being a Ruler and the Almighty.

  1. Have fun but don’t forget your ‘Life Goals and Duties’ – It’s very easy to wander from your path and forget your life goals when you are having a merry time with your friends, but what we learn from Lord Krishna is that there is nothing wrong in having fun with friends, but one should never forget their responsibilities and duties towards all. Lord Krishna through his actions have taught us that Duty comes First. We all are born on this Earth with a Purpose, with a Goal. There will be umpteenth temptations in everyone’s life but one should never forget their life goals and their duties towards each and all. Inspite of surrounded with many temptations, Lord Krishna never forgot about his duties – be it towards his cattle, his villagers, his parents, his friends and most importantly towards ‘Dharma’ – standing for what is Right.
  1. Value True and Real Friendship – Youngsters these days assess their own value with the number of friends they have on Facebook and followers on Instagram and Twitter. The young generation has forgotten that it’s not about the number of friends and followers in virtual world, but it’s about the real friends with whom we share an emotional connect. One need to learn to develop a true friendship and stand by their friend through every walk of life. Leaving your old friends just because you have achieved new heights is like leaving a part of your own soul. Lord Krishna’s love for his friend Sudama is an epic example of ‘True Friendship’.
  1. Stay humble and respect each and all –There is an undeclared battle going on amongst human race where everyone wants to prove that he or she is the best. We need to understand that each one of us is born with some special quality and we need to use that quality for benefit of all and inspire others. However there is no reason for being arrogant about that special quality. Always remember that just like us, every person has some special quality and showing respect to everyone and their individual characteristics will help us to learn and grow. 
  1. Smile – it’s the only way to win hearts and stay positive – ‘Charming’ – whenever I think of Lord Krishna, this word comes in my mind. Ever wondered how he managed to steal so many hearts? Of course it was that undying smile on his face which made everyone follow him. The positivity which a smiling face spreads in Universe is contagious. So lets smile and spread positivity and happiness around. 
  1. Develop love for music and learn atleast one musical instrument during your lifetime –  Music is food for our Soul. Lord Krishna never gave up on his love for music. His flute was his all-time companion. Music helps to connect to our own self and gives our body and mind the much required peace. So yes, I advise you my child to find your connection with music. Besides books, music will stay as your best friend throughout your life. 

These are just few of the learnings from Lord Krishna’s life. If my child you can follow all of these learnings from Lord Krishna’s journey on Earth, the small harmless mischiefs which you may do, won’t be the point of discussion. You will also be adored and respected just the way he is. 

Wishing Happy Janmashtami to all my readers.  

Manjula Joshi

A Chartered Accountant by profession and a hands on Mother to two wonderful kids. Before taking up the responsibility of motherhood she had worked for more than 12 years in Financial Industry. She has a passion for reading and is proud to have inculcated the novel habit in her kids early on. She believes in raising kids who are well read and aware of their surroundings and grow up as a responsible citizen who can bring desired changes in the Society.