I love my Husband’s Father side more

I love my Husband’s Father side more

I read somewhere that motherhood is a reality and fatherhood is a myth. As I saw strong connection between my husband and my son I have come to know fatherhood is as much as reality.

After I become a mother, I have discovered about myself but parenthood has not only introduced me to a new version of myself, but new version of my husband as well.
We women begin to experience motherhood in pregnancy but men experience only after babies birth.

During my pregnancy, my husband take care of me but never understand emotional, physical, mood stress changes. Sudden change come in him after baby.

After having a baby as I struggle to my identity, my husband too struggle. Just like me, he also undergo many changes. There is lot of pressure on him to not only earn living but also provide a strong future to child.

As we became parents our relationship saw some hard days. But I am glad that we have blossomed through tough time. I usually say motherhood is responsible for introducing me as an improved version but parenthood helped me to discover lot of truths about my husband.

Changes in him I observed after being a father.

1. My husband’s love for my baby is tougher then mine.

A mothers love is different from daddy’s love.I am soft and unconditionally loving in my behaviour towards my son but my husband’s love is tougher. He knew how to pamper him without spoiling.

2. My husband proved that dad can care for baby as mother do

We mothers are soft hearted and primary care giver for the baby. It is often said that dads are not good at baby care but I discovered he is not only caring husband but also a caring father. He care for my champ even better then i did.

3. He is excellent in making plans

My awesome husband and super dad knows what baby and his mum would be comfortable with either its long holiday or a small trip.

4. Balanced dad

Everyday is a challenge for a father.Manage and balance workload,handling an overloaded emotional woman and helpless infant who always want his wish to be fulfilled.

Priyanka Arora

Priyanka Arora, an ordinary home maker with an extra ordinary passion of doing something different..mother of proud son who teach me joy of parenting..love to help others ..creativity is my job which i want to put in everything either in household chores or in parenting