An Inspiring Story of a Mompreneur who started a successful career journey post 15 years of marriage

An Inspiring Story of a Mompreneur who started a successful career journey post 15 years of marriage

It is generally observed that after a decade and five into marriage the mothers start worrying about the career of their children leaving behind all their dreams and aspirations, But here is an inspiring mompreneur Abhilasha Jain who broke the taboo and started her career journey with a successful food venture “ Marwadi Khana” in Gurgaon .

Born and brought in the Bhilwara, Abhilasha came to Gurgaon 7 years ago when her family shifted from Hyderabad. New to the place she always took the support of social media. Coming from the Jain family she knew the taste of Marwadi food and having found that there is lack of authentic taste of Marwadi cuisine in Gurgaon she thought of giving the city the best Marwadi food with Marwadi Khana.

Abhilasha never stepped out for any professional work but when the idea of starting the venture that brings back the true cultural roots of the land to which she belonged came she shined out brightly.

Initially the venture kickstarted from Abhilasha’s personal kitchen without any big professional utensils or the professional delivery chain. During the earlier days she tied up with the nearby restaurant delivery boys and only after getting successful in business for six months, she tied up with a professional delivery chain.

Challenges Abhilasha Faced

She had struggled with responding to emails but word of mouth is what that had worked wonderfully well with her.

Today Abhilasha is known for the satisfaction, cleanliness and good quality food that she is providing to her clients. She is famous for her dal bati churma that is severed by her on Sunday as per the orders. Apart from it she is also known for her goondh ladoos as well as tasty sweets.

Abhilasha has a lot of accolades and recognition to her name while serving pure home cooked Marwadi Khana in and around Delhi NCR homes.

She is grateful to her supportive family members and her husband for helping her achieve success in her career journey.

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