Get Set Go: How to travel by air with kids and enjoy it

Get Set Go: How to travel by air with kids and enjoy it

Let’s admit it- we think twice before travelling with our infants and toddlers. But thinking twice and thrice doesn’t really help because many trips are unavoidable and important. I will share my travelling experience with you, hoping that it eases some of your travel-related anxiety.

As avid travellers, we first travelled with our new-born in a flight when he was just 42 days old. We have come a long way since then and been on road trips, long haul flights and train journeys with him. It has been a great experience and we learnt new things on each trip. I am sharing some tips and tricks that made our air-travel with the kid easier and helped us tremendously.

Travelling with a new-born

If you are travelling with a new-born, the baby will probably sleep through the journey. Make sure to feed the baby during take-off and landing so that the baby is not cranky in-flight and doesn’t feel air pressure difference in the ears. The baby bag should contain some spare diapers, wipes, a set of clothes and if the baby is bottle fed, enough formula milk and lukewarm water in a thermal flask depending on the duration of the flight. If travelling in an international flight, you may avail the option of a baby bassinet (bed) where the baby can sleep.

Travelling with an infant (up to 2 years old)

Travelling with infants is trickier because they don’t want to sit in one place for prolonged periods and don’t get a separate seat either. You should carry some snacks, powdered milk and lukewarm water in a thermal flask in the baby bag. Also keep extra diapers, wipes and a set of spare clothes.  Carry the baby’s favourite toy or book to keep him/ her occupied. Ask the cabin crew for any baby food, fruits or toys that may be given to the baby.

Travelling with a toddler (2-3 years old)

Travelling with a toddler has its own pros and cons. They get a separate seat and their food restrictions are almost absent. Many toddlers are diaper-free and require frequent trips to the toilet. Choose the middle and aisle seat to make movement easy. Carry a colouring book and crayons so that the toddlers remain occupied during the flight. I strongly recommend that you pack a separate, small cabin bag with their toys, books, crayons etc. so that you don’t have to take your bag out every time they want something.

Regardless of the age of your child, you should always remember the following points:

  • Keep important and basic medication handy. You cannot predict when the child might need one.
  • Don’t bother about what the other passengers think when your child cries. Kids cannot behave according to someone else’s standards. Figure out why the child is crying and sort it out if possible. Otherwise, try to comfort or distract the kid.
  • Ask for help when needed. The cabin crew is trained to assist passengers with children.
  • Most importantly- enjoy! These precious moments of your kid’s childhood will never come back.

Is there anything you would like to add? Share your experience with us.

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