Three Eco-friendly Lifestyle Changes That We Can Make Today

Three Eco-friendly Lifestyle Changes That We Can Make Today

On 5th June, we will all see inspirational messages and disturbing facts that will make us aware of the deleterious effect our activities have on the environment. We will read those and probably ponder for a while. We will then resume our daily activities as before. While I don’t doubt the good intention that some of us have for our environment, I am appalled by such a low number of these intentions turning into habits. I am sharing some of my habits that give me the satisfaction of doing my bit for the environment. You can also adopt these simple eco-friendly changes in your lifestyle and feel good about contributing to the well-being of our beloved Earth. After all, there is no place else to go and live!

Ditch those disposable sanitary napkins

Are you aware of the fact that those soiled sanitary napkins that we conveniently wrap and dispose in the bin after use end up in sewage, water bodies and landfill? Also, we are never told by the manufacturers of these napkins that a lot of dangerous chemicals are used for making them. We need to get rid of these disposable sanitary napkins TODAY. Choose eco-friendly sanitary alternatives like the menstrual cup and reusable sanitary napkins. It is our duty to not only make this change in our lifestyle, but also to educate women around us.

The same holds true for disposable diapers for kids. Look for reusable and eco-friendly alternatives and make this world a happier and healthier place.

Say good-bye to non-degradable household items

I know this is easier said than done, but we can make a big positive impact on the environment by reducing the use of non-degradable items. For example, I never use disposable plates and plastic spoons or glasses when hosting parties and I always carry a spare cloth bag when going shopping so that I don’t bring any polythene bags back home. I have also reduced using plastic storage containers.

Are you aware that several eco-friendly disposable plates are available in the market? How about using them and promoting their use for the betterment of the environment?

Segregate your waste and recycle whatever you can

If you collect all the waste generated in your house for a week, you will be shocked at its quantity. Ideally, we should strive to create as less waste as possible, but the next best thing we can do is to segregate our waste before disposing it. The simplest way to do it is to separate dry and wet waste. Wet waste comprises of leftover food and other organic waste, while dry waste refers to wood, metals and glass. Once you separate these waste items, try to recycle and re-use whatever you can. This simple step goes a long way in ensuring the betterment of our environment. Did you know you can make compost with food waste? Check out the websites of brands like Trust Basket, Smartbin and EcoBin to know more about making compost at home and keeping your plants happy.

Eco-friendly lifestyle is a choice, and not an easy one. However, caring for the environment is not a choice, but an obligation. You will face questions and doubtful stares on the quest to bring eco-friendly changes in your life.  Only if we adopt these practices will we be able to leave a better planet for our kids.

What eco-friendly changes have you brought in your life? Share them here so that we all can try them.

Dr. Shruti Sharma

Other than my formal training in life-sciences (in which I did my PhD), I am actively involved in following my passion for writing and crafts. When I am not spending time with my toddler, I read a lot and write on different topics as blogs, newspaper articles, short stories and poems. My articles are regularly published on a lot of online platforms. I love to explore different cultures and my writing reflects my opinion.