Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari. But would I be able to protect her?

Mere Ghar Aayi Ek Nanhi Pari. But would I be able to protect her?

After having dinner, my husband asked me to have my regular medicine and take rest. I was nine months pregnant. “Kiyara,  will be our daughter’s name.” my husband suddenly said and gave me a glass of water. “No, this time I will choose name for my angel and that will be Zahira.” I said. we both normally had discussions on the arrival of a new baby. As we were already blessed with a boy, KRISHAV, this time we desperately wanted a baby girl.

After some time when there was a deep silence in the room I heard a voice called me, “Mamma” I got scared, looked around, no one was there. I was wondered what was that and again the same voice,”mamma, don’t scared mamma, am your daughter, your angel.” I was trying to believe it and and she added, “can I ask you for something, Mamma.” I said ,”yes my dear, go on, ask for, without any hesitation.” “you love me na.”she said.  “Of course, my dear, why so.”I asked eagerly.”Then don’t bring me to this world.” “what, but why my love,”.There was no limit to my wonder asking this.

“Mumma, that monster will be there. He will follow me everywhere, to my school, to relatives place, to public place, to college everywhere, I will go. He will try to touch me, on my cheeks, at my back, in my legs. Whatever clothes I will be in, whether, It will be my nappy, my first cute frock, my school uniform or my shorts, he will try to unfold it. He will scratch me, pull me and……. and….. and….. it hurts mumma…it hurts.

Down with tears I said, “No, my angel, your mumma and papa, will always be there for you, to protect you. We will save you.”

“But what if that monster is the most trusted one, Mumma. I can’t see you and Papa going through that pain. so please Mumma, don’t bring me to this cruel world.” and suddenly she started going out of my sight and lost in darkness.

Ans I shouted, “Angel….Angel.” and my husband was shouting louder, “Ria.. Ria, what happened, why are you crying in your dreams.”  “oh, it was a dream.” I said. My husband gave me  water and ask me to try to sleep again.

But after that night, I spent countless sleepless nights, thinking

Am I able to protect my daughter

Shilpi Bhandari

Shilpi Bhandari, mother of two kids, who give him new experiences in life  n inspire to write it down..m creative by to read n expressing my thoughts.