My daughter is your responsibility too – A mother’s plea

My daughter is your responsibility too – A mother’s plea

Horrendous rape and molestation cases are reported every now and then. The increasing cases have shattered people and more so mothers. Is raising daughter so dreadful? As a mother of two small innocent angels should I step back? What is most horrifying is the increasing cases of small toddlers and young girls being harassed at schools!!!!!!! My instant reaction – should I stop sending them to lot of classes or school BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT SAFE. But, that is not a solution right?

What we mothers can do and we are already doing

  • I can and I do constantly educate them about private parts. My first lesson for her on private parts was during bath time when she was about 3 years old. And till date every 2nd week I keep reminding her about her private parts and her right to say NO. In a playful manner, I do keep repeating to her that be aware of the swimsuit concept and tell mamma if someone touches her. However, my question to all of you – with so many NOs thrown to them can they really understand the seriousness of the matter? NO THEY CANNOT.

No to television, no to junk food, no to masti, no to this and no to that….. And just like that no to private parts. In my opinion they are too young to understand the seriousness. This does not stop me from educating her. But this is not a full proof method of saving her.

  • As a mother, I do occasional checks and make surprise visits – not trying to doubt or invade but trying to CHECK SECURITY.
  • As a mother I am bold and blunt to say that please stay away whenever I am in slightest of doubts.

My question at large to each one of you in the society? How much can I protect her all alone? I will and I am making all possible checks. How do I protect my innocent little girl with little or no maturity against mentally retarded ill people? I need your support.

Education is important to me but not at the cost of her life.

Dear Principals, School Authorities and Teachers,

I do not wish to hold off my daughter and seclude her in any fear. I want to teach and educate her but not at the cost of her BASIC RIGHT TO LIVE. I will do whatever I can, to protect her but please partner me. My daughter is your responsibility too. Do not neglect any duty in checking your ground staff or making occasional checks in person. Please make sure the buses have CCTV and make occasional checks yourself. School and academics related matter cannot be more important than this. When the responsible staff takes up to keep the ground checks in place, chances can be minimised. Identify areas that can trigger these unfortunate events such as toilets or buses or quiet spots. Isn’t being extra prudent and careful more helpful? There is no margin of human error here because some mistakes are not just acceptable. I trust you and I give my daughter to you. Let’s together minimise the cases by being alert and prudent. As a society no individual can leave anything to a chance. We have to be more prepared collectively.

Do share whatever preventive measures you can think of so that more and more people in the society can collectively FIGHT IT BACK. Yes, my daughter is my responsibility but it is your responsibility to give us the right to live. 

Anisha Bajaj

Anisha Bajaj, a passionate mother of two, runs a children's book library in Mumbai. Having pursued BBA, CFA and MS(Finance), she has worked with top MNCs in the past. However, motherhood opened up a new world of books to her. She is on a mission to spread the joy of learning from books with fellow moms and to encourage kids to spend lesser time on gadgets and screens. She has also made story contributions to a children book called " My hopscotch journey- A Pari's Tale". Recently she has joined the editorial team for a monthly children magazine called BeyondClassrooms".