This Dentist Mom is bringing Affordable and Specialized Dentistry through Mint Leaf Dental Clinic

This Dentist Mom is bringing Affordable and Specialized Dentistry through Mint Leaf Dental Clinic

“If your passion is your job or vice a versa than you really don’t have to work hard to earn a living” believes the ever smiling and welcoming Dr Vandana Thakran- Founder of Mint Leaf Dental .

Dr Vandana did her graduation(BDS) and PG (MDS) masters in Oral & maxillofacial surgery and have been practising dentistry since last 14 years in few of the premier institutes of INDIA which includes PGIMS ROHTAK and Maulana Azad Medical College New Delhi, ranked as the best in India.

After that when she happened to venture in private dental sector she found that the connect of SPECIALISATION with dentistry was totally missing. Everybody was aware that an orthopedician cannot do cardiac surgery but they still visited a single dentist to treat all their dental problems, which mostly resulted in wrong diagnosis painful lengthy and often failed treatment.

Dentistry has 9 specialised branches with doctors trained for more than 3 years in one specialisation to treat a particular problem.

So, as Gandhi ji said, “Be the change you want to see in others”, “ I decided to take a plunge myself though the journey was very long and challenging. “ says Dr Vandana.

Following her dream, MINT LEAF DENTAL was born exactly 4 years back in February 2014, with a VISION to provide Most Ethical, Very Specialised and Affordable dentistry to one and all.

About Dr Vandana’s venture:

Today Mint Leaf Dental is a doctor led, doctor owned Private Limited company and with very well equipped ISO 9001:2008 Certified multiple centres in Gurgaon & Delhi, which are totally at par with international standards.

Dentistry is not just about teeth. It is about Dr Vandana’s patients feeling comfortable in her skills and knowledge and trusting her intentions to help them.

“Our office is more than super dentistry – our office is all about Caring for our patients with an elegant, personalized approach and a gentle touch is the reason we practice dentistry.

We want our patients to be our partners in their care and to be excited about the fact that they have decided to invest in their health and well being. Our patients are our extended family and we really treat them like family members.” Mentions Dr Vandana.

In the next 2 – 5 years they plan to expand Pan India. Their dream is that anyone who thinks about dental treatment should be able to get the most ethical and specialised treatment from Mint Leaf Dental.

Dr Vandana’s Message to other womenfolk

I am still evolving each passing minute and growing every passing day, but really the hardest part was starting. Do not fear anything and do not think what lies in future, nobody knows, work for today, forget yesterday but start and move ahead each passing day, believe in yourself and your parents blessings, think good and do good whatever be the situation and goodness will follow in leaps and bounds.

She thanks each of her family members from her parents, inlaws, siblings, her kids and above all her husband Dr Arun Thakran who helped her to dream big and achieve her passion.

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