Murderers Of Innocence

Murderers Of Innocence

What is innocence my dear friends? I am asking all of you. Please give me the answer. I want to hear from all the women out there whose innocence has been murdered by someway or the other. The women who are the victims of someone’s nefarious intentions be it rape, killing, acid attack, mental torture, domestic voilence or frauding. The list of crimes be it mental or physical is endless, Isn’t it? Yes very true. The women have suffered and are suffering till date. We as a country have progressed so much but still we can’t give justice to these women in totality. Some get justice with years of struggle and some are still struggling to lodge an FIR.

According to me “innocence” is associated to a person who doesn’t have much knowledge & experiences of life. They are unknown from the bad things of life, their innocence is being murdered brutally everyday. Till date innocent adult girls & married women were sufferers but now the criminal minded rots of the society are not sparing the kids even. In the past 5 to 7 yrs we are more subjected towards  the news where we are hearing how mercilessly, a child of  6yrs, 7 yrs, 8yrs and so on are being raped and murdered.

A child is a gift of God, they are  more innocent than every single innocent human being in the world. That’s why every religion considers a child as “Angels.” What progress are we upto that we are not sparing these little angels also, but infact we are raping, killing, butchering & slaughtering them for our dirty hidden agendas & motives.

My heart is crying for Asifa of kathua, Unnao rape case victim and all the children of Syria. Humanity is nowhere to be seen. Humans are no more humans, they all have transformed into cannibals of lust & vengeance in the name of religion.

An 8 year old girl named Asifa of Rasana village in Kathua of jammu & Kashmir has been raped multiple times by 4 to 5 scoundrels including a police officer, who is supposed to protect the child against this horrific crime.

This ghastly and monstrous crime took place in a temple which is a place of purity & worship. Asifa was held as a captive in temple with the help of sedatives and gang-raped several times for days. Then she was strangulated and stoned to death. We cannot even imagine the mental & physical agony through which the child went through. She was bleeding externally & internally both. Her innocence was bleeding. It was profusely bleeding because she didn’t even know what was happening to her and why?

All this happened in the name of religion because those monsters wanted to instill fear in their Bakarwal comminity to which poor Asifa belonged. They wanted to drive out the Bakarwals out of their Hindu dominant land so that they leave the village. My friends who are we to discriminate anybody in the name of religion When we don’t possess the religion of Humanity.

Religion of Humanity comes first over every other religion in the world. If a person has lost its humane self then he does not belong to any religion. Even the God does not belong to them.
After this blood filled merciless act, People are protesting and taking out rallies in support of the accused with our Indian Flag. My friends where are we heading towards??? Where is our Moral conscience and humanity?

Another horrifying incident is of an 18 year old girl who was gangraped by
the accused BJP MLA and his brothers in Uttar pradesh of Unnao district. I have seen the video of his father who was beaten by them. He was beaten so badly by the brothers of BJP MLA that he died. I have seen her father speaking when his full body was covered with wounds & blood. Instead of being taken to the hospital at the right time, he was kept in police custody and was taken little late to the hospital which ultimately led to his death. After this the victim attempted suicide by jumping outside the residence of Uttar Pradesh chief Minister Yogi Adityanath at Lucknow. She jumped as her father died and she was denied justice.

Why don’t we have a very strong and horrifying punishment for these horrifying acts of crime. I think beheading their heads in public by the government is the perfect justice. Hanging through law & courts is still little merciful than Beheading. Unless and until we don’t have a horrifying punishment for these “murderers of innocence.” Crime will never stop, what say?

Nishat Raza

I am MBA in HR having 2 yrs of Corporate Experience. I am also a mother of a sweet & intelligent daughter. Presently I am a Cuemath Certified Teacher running a home based Maths center. I am very fond of writing and I love writing about various issues & stories that i come across in my daily life.