Shaken??….Not Yet!! …Waiting for another Candlelight March?

Shaken??….Not Yet!! …Waiting for another Candlelight March?

Juvenile, brutal, Justice, candlelight, gang-rape. Similar words across media and newspapers brought us reminiscent of the outrage of Nirbhaya protests.

Condemning on the attack on the 8 year old girl who was abducted, brutally raped and murdered. In the wake of a huge public outcry, the poor girl was given sedatives and repeatedly gang raped for several days, strangulated and murdered by smashing her head by stone in a temple in J&K. Dear Devi Durga, you witnessed all this. Your presence made me remember a few lines I had heard somewhere:

“Kab tak aas lagaogi tum bike hue akhbaro se, kaisi raksha maang rahi ho Dussasan darbaro se

Swyam Jo lajjaheen pare hai, wo kya laaj bachayenge, Suno Darupadi Shastra uthalo, ab Govind na aayenge…”

This is not just one incident happening in our country. Several other similar cases are reported (mostly unreported) from various parts of India but not getting much media attention. Protest happens only when an incident happens somewhere. An IPL series or a movie release will change the complete attention of media from that issue. And we wait for another incident to happen to continue our protest.

India’s impenitent tale of assaulting its women will continue unabated. Our behavior towards our women hasn’t changed, and I doubt it will change in near future even if the Nirbhaya convicts are charged through a fast track legal process.

But as public it’s our right to protest against these issues and make the punishments as much as severe as none should even think about this in future. Changing your profile picture into black dot or candle light marches won’t do anything, Change the system that’s the need of the hour.

Few of my friends were discussing on making the law stricter, giving death sentence to the accused. As per them Ravana and Mahisasur weren’t imprisoned. They were killed! They said, punishment leads to behavior change. But does it really happen?

Another friend of mine quoted, “Has our Law and Govt. become impotent”.  Is safety of our women and children only in hands of government? Blaming the government is often the safest and easiest thing to do. Isn’t it?

Listening our conversation, the chaiwala (tea seller) near our office gate promptly said, “Madam, These incidents happened since history, are happening and keep on happening. People will discuss, shout, get tired and forget. After all is it a man’s world”.  Now this was the only thing left out to be heard.

It’s a man’s world, they say. But if this is the truth…. then why were women manufactured in the first place?

Twarita Mukherjee

I come from the land of Tagore. An IT employee by job, mother of a sweet girl by God's grace and writer by heart.