25 Mandir Designs for Indian Homes

25 Mandir Designs for Indian Homes

In India, it is a custom to have a mandir inside your home. It is believed that if you build a temple inside your home then happiness, prosperity, opulence will come to you in any way. That’s why every house in India has a mandir/temple inside it. Now it may be super small or a whole room made as a temple. You’ll definitely find one in every home because of the religious beliefs and sentiment of people attached to it.

For people who love to design their houses with the latest trends and wish to make their house meet all the aesthetic standards of beauty we have made a list for 25 gorgeous Mandir designs for Indian homes.

1. Temple Style Pooja Room

This is a traditional way of building a temple inside your home in which it looks similar to the temples which we visit outside. It has wooden doors and a sliding roof and looks exactly like a small version of the temples which we visit.

The pooja shelf designs in such a pooja room are really large so as to place the different God’s idols there. This design is suitable for houses with large empty space only.

2. Marble Mandir Pooja Room

When it comes to selecting materials for your pooja room, you cannot go wrong with marble. It is the best option when it comes to aesthetics and durability. Although a little pricier than other materials, marble mandir designs will make your space of worship stand out and look unarguably appealing. Marble pooja room designs come highly recommended by vastu experts.

3. Glass Pooja Mandir

An innovative way to design a pooja room is by using glass as its base material. Essentially, these rooms should be private spaces meant for meditation, reflection and time spent in prayer. Therefore, glass can be a perfect material to build such an environment. It also becomes a versatile material when used to decorate or entirely construct a pooja room.

4. Wooden Pooja Room

The Temples are considered ideal when made in wood. According to Vastu Shastra, a temple made of wood is propitious and considered to be more religious. Sheesham Wood, apart from other wood types, is considered auspicious for temples. However, the temple can be made in any wood type. Of all woods, three wood types are commonly referred to for Temple making: Sheesham Wood, Teak Wood and Mango Wood. You can also purchase them if you don’t wish to get it built from scratch.

5. Pooja Mandir In Corner:

The cornered Mandir is suitable for houses which do not have a lot of space. You can convert an empty corner of any room into a pooja space by setting up a set of neat pedestals so that the idols are several inches above ground level. You can also place tiny lights above or below the idols to illuminate the region and also store pooja essentials. It is advised to add a tiny curtain for privacy and keeping the pooja room out of public view. Make sure your pooja room corner is located in north and north east directions.

6. Wooden Cabinet for Pooja Mandir

If you have limited space in your apartment and still want to have an amazing pooja mandir, then the option of a pooja cabinet is a good one for you.

The pooja cabinet designs vary from being simple to decorative and thus can be chosen as desired. The benefit of using the pooja cabinet is that it doesn’t occupy much of your room’s space and offers you an ample amount of space for keeping all your mandir things and accessories at their specific place.

7. Pooja Mandir in Living Room

Pooja Mandir inside your living room is a good idea if you have problems related to space. Small spaces needn’t compromise on size or aesthetics when accommodating a mandir. This type of temple is one such example; such type of mandirs utilise an empty, unused wall and comprise a basic chest of drawers with a top shelf to display picture frames and idols.

The area of the living room can be separated from the temple by adding a partition made of glass, wood or any other material.

8. Pooja Mandir Inside Kitchen

You can also have a mandir inside your kitchen if the space allows you but always remember to keep the direction of the mandir in mind. Since the north east is the best direction for pooja in the kitchen, the mandir should be placed in the north east, east or west walls. The reason for this is that the morning sun bathes the wall from the northeast or the east, while the evening sun comes in from the west to refresh the energy in the space.

9. Wall-Mounted Pooja Mandir

A Wall-mounted pooja unit is perfect for small apartments. It can be found easily on online platforms and is available in various designs and styles. These types of mandirs are suitable if you don’t want to go for an in-built style of mandir. This pooja mandir doesn’t disappoint or compromise on utility, function or style. It can be easily bought from amazon

10. Pooja Mandir with False Ceiling

Have you ever thought of using some pooja room false ceiling designs? If not, then it is the right time to do so. This is because of the fact that these pooja room ceiling designs are the latest fashion these days.

The greatest benefit of using the false ceiling is that it catches every eye. It looks very appealing and would be liked by everyone so, in order to add a designer touch to your mandir you should go for this one. You can also go for different colors as these are available in many colors and suit yourself with the ones that match with the vibe of your home.

11. Pooja Mandir using a Ledge

Using a ledge for your mandir is one trending design of pooja room within a house. This is generally preferred by people who have very limited space available for the pooja mandir in their house. All you need is a ledge which you don’t use and some idols. Simply place the idols on the ledge and you are done.

The one thing that you should take care of with this pooja room model is the Vastu tips. Be sure of the direction and location of the mandir so as to get the expected positivity and warmth from the mandir

12. Pooja Room in Hall

In case you are only left with the space of the hall for your mandir. Then don’t worry as this can also turn out to be a great outcome.

You can choose from the various pooja mandir designs in the hall to have your very own pooja hall with all the details and decorations. Also, having a pooja room in the hall is growing with its popularity with the changing time as every time you’d walk past it you will remember god can bring positivity around the home.

13. Pooja Mandir Design for walls

If your house is still in the building process then this idea is the most suitable for you. You can plan a special space for your mandir with your interior designer and get an inbuilt wall which will be suitable for your mandir.

14. Mandir Cabinet Design with an Om imprint

To make the cabinet design look not so ordinary you can go for this option. For that ‘om’ design on the back panel of this mandir design. It’s a very different and new idea and adds so much aesthetic value. You could look at various such designs, including a swastika, a mantra or an outline of Radha Krishna or Ganesha.

15. Pooja Room in a Cupboard

Just like we use cupboards for storing all essential items of our home, we can use cupboards for the pooja room as well. You can either make a separate cupboard for your pooja room or can place your mandir in the already existing cupboards.

If you are planning to make a separate cupboard for your mandir, you can have a look at the various pooja cupboard designs available. You will get enough space for placing all your mandir accessories if you choose to use the pooja mandir cupboard option in your place.

16. Pooja Mandir with Backlights

Backlights can make any place look beautiful and in case of a mandir which is such a holy place it makes it look more soothing and calm. All you need to do is add some nice back lights behind the idols of god placed in your home temple.

Such ideas are becoming very popular these days as they require minimal efforts and give out a very beautiful outcome.

17. Pooja Mandir with Jaali Work

This is one of the most luxurious pooja room interior designs which many people are opting for in their pooja room. The trend of using jaali in either the background or on the ceiling is becoming really popular. This design is recommended for pooja rooms in apartments as it makes the pooja room look fresh and appealing to eyes. These jaalis can be accompanied with the wall colour and other accessories.

18. Pooja room in store room

Placing your mandir in the store room is one great idea to make use of your store room. You can modify your storeroom with your chosen interior design and have a separate space for your pooja room.

By converting your storeroom into a pooja room, you also can get enough space to organize all your pooja room items in a well-structured manner and without any hassles.

19. Pooja Room with Tiles

Use of Tiles for pooja rooms has been in style for quite some time. There are many trends that come and go but this one remains a classic.

Nowadays people have even started to opt for 3D tiles for their pooja room. To make it stand out among all the rooms in their house. You can use tiles for pooja room designs in apartments as well as for pooja rooms in flats. However, if you have a large space, you can go with the combination of pooja room’s latest designs with tiles pooja room interior.

20. Pooja room doors with bells

If you are specifically looking for some unique door ideas for your Pooja room then this one’s for you. For this you can add typical temple bells on the door of your in-house mandir and trust us it is going to be the most unique idea.

This is the latest design which is still not so popular amongst the people so grab your opportunity and make the best move.

21. Simple Pooja Room design

A simple traditionally built pooja room can’t be compared with anything. If you are one of those old school people then you don’t have to worry about the latest trends as these are always going to stay in trend.

You can go for a simple pooja room design if that’s what you want. Later you can also accessorize according to your desire with preferred wallpapers, bells and doors.

22. Pooja mandir on a shelf

Using a shelf for your mandir is one another way to utilise the limited space in your house. In case you feel that your house doesn’t have enough space to get a separate corner or room for the pooja mandir then this option of placing the godly idols on your shelf is one another creative and practical way.

23. Mandir with foldable doors and digital prints

If you are interested in adding that something extra to your house temple then this one is the most suitable for you. Opt for panels like that merge digitally-printed glass with intricate wooden carvings. These panels not only form the accordion-style, foldable doors on the one hand, but also act as a divider between the mandir and the rest of the room

24. Pooja Room in Forgotten Niches and Nooks

For this you can make use of the forgotten nooks and niches of your home which would have gone unnoticed and unutilized.

You can add the dark reflective glass paneling and pendant lamps and see a glamorous touch added while setting the space apart from the rest of the house.

25. Prayer Room Within Another Larger Room

This idea is ideal if you have unutilized space in one of the rooms of your home. You can add a Pooja ghar in one of such rooms which are easily available online and in markets as well. You can match the theme of the room with that of the pooja ghar by coordinating the colors.

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