Read out the funny side of motherhood that every Mom experiences across the world

Read out the funny side of motherhood that every Mom experiences across the world

This year is going to be my 15th year of motherhood journey. Every second, every minute, every day of each month and each year is still taking its rounds around my memories. There were moments where I felt overwhelmed being a mum- when I experienced postpartum depression, when I yearned to relieve my joys and innocence, when I lived up my childhood moments again and then there were also the times when I prayed to God ‘God is there any escape, pls show me?!’ Period.

I am sure mothers reading this have the same stories. Ah! It’s not easy to be a mum. Be prepared ….new mums. Oh! Don’t worry, I’m not starting a lecture over do’s and don’ts. In fact I’m  going to tell you about something interesting and funny. All  the mothers whether they are new mums or mums of toddlers or mums of teenagers or mums of grown up kids and adults, they all will relate and collectively say “Oh! Its my story too. Yes, it happened with me too.” 

Few days back…..

My brothers and their families were at my place. We were all having a good time. We started having our dinner. My younger brother has a son. My sister in law was busy with her son’s nagging food habits. No, he is not a baby, he is 9 yrs old, but being the only child in the family he is still the ‘chota baby’. It was only past some time that my Sister in law said “ Again!? Why always when you are eating!? He is more like his father.” And there I saw him going towards the toilet. “More like his father!” I said in my mind with a grin “Our mothers might say this!”

Ah! 15 years and I still feel nostalgic over those memories.

I still want to know “ Why!? Why!? Why!?

And how the timing were always bang on everyday?”

I am sure you all wanted to know the same answer. Hey, Mr. Doc, Mr. Scientist do you wanna take a research on it. Pls, do because I seriously want to know the reason. Phew!

Don’t scratch your head I’ll tell you about what I’m talking about, what pissed me a lot during those days of my motherhood.

You have listened/ may be listening to

“ Mamma potty aayi hai!!”

“Mamma ho gayi!!”

“Mamma kar li doh do!!”

Or “ baby ne potty kar di!!”

Every time when I was either kneading flour or was about to serve food. Every time when I was about to have good time with friends and family. Every time as I thought of having ‘me time’ calls were made. And the most annoying time was every time as soon as I sat to have my meal, as I was about to take those bites into my mouth, I got the calls. When he was a baby the call was from my Hubby’s side “suno isne potty kar di” and I was like “ Crap! Why don’t you try to learn something good?!”

But then I know this would only bring in more loads so I’d to get up and say sorry to those garam garam Rotis.(sigh) When he became toddler, and was potty trained to sit on his own potty chair, then too I was not lucky enough to have those garma garam Rotis. Ah! Having a Roti, either not a garam(hot) one, was a luxury that time. And if on any day I was lucky enough I thought of myself as a ‘ ek din a CM’. (laugh) At times I tried to ignore those calls but by the time I reached him his hands were all around that shit.( Shit! Yuck!)

What!!! You too have same stories to tell. I heard you dearies. I remember whenever I saw other mothers facing the similar annoying situation, all started sharing their own stories.

“Oh! My baby does this exactly at the time as I’m about to eat my lunch.”

“I got the call from my baby as I was frying bhatura. And you know I forgot the bhatura in the pan and it got ruined. These kids I tell you how do they know that mamma is doing something interesting?!( Grrrr)”.

These were the talks I as a mother  did when I talked to other mothers about our kids. Everyone was having the differently similar story.

But you know as I was writing and telling you all this I  have a sweet smile on my lips. My eyes are shining with glitter of those little annoying but nostalgic memories of my son’s childhood and my experience as a mother.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, full of thrill, excitement and anxieties. When I got pregnant, that time either there were those do’s and don’t of family, friends, aunties and doctors or books to explain to you the generic processes and up and down of pregnancy or motherhood journey. Everyone was suggesting and telling me about only the traumatic things I was going to face. There was no one to tell light hearted enjoyable things.

In this era where you have every info on your fingertips. I have observed that while there are several videos or write ups on how to conceive to nine months journey. From Normal deliveries to C- section stories. From depression to Me time. From baby shower stories to first birthdays. From newborn to a toddler’s life. From weaning habits of a baby to healthy food tips. From my child is doing this exception to my child is not a normal one. All the hustle bustle ones. Each one has their own experiences. All these have the capability to bring in lines on one’s forehead. But there are hidden stories too. Like the one I shared, which has funny side too. I love the comic timing of all the kids in this fairy tale.

If you have any story to show funny side of your motherhood journey, please share with us. It might bring down level of anxieties of a to be mum or new mum.

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