Remove These Items Immediately from your Bedroom as they can Hinder your Progress

Remove These Items Immediately from your Bedroom as they can Hinder your Progress

Everyone desires success and happiness in their life. To attain a good lifestyle every person tries to do their best but sometimes even after several attempts we are just not able to get the desired results. This can also happen if you have a Vastu defect in your home. According to Vastu Shastra, if there is no positive energy in the bedroom, then it can affect your life and progress. You should avoid keeping certain things in the bedroom. So let’s know about them.

1. Do not Keep Water near your Pillow

Many people have the habit of keeping water bottles and water glass however according to the Vastu Shastra you should never keep water near you while sleeping. This can lead to vastu defects in your home and can hinder your progress.

2. Don’t Place the Bed in front of the Door

According to Vastu Shastra if your bed is directly in front of the door then it is incorrect and needs to be changed. You can place your bed in the West or South direction.

3. Don’t Place a Mirror in front of the Bed

Many people place their dressing table in front of the bed but it is considered wrong according to the Vastu Shastra. In case you have a mirror in front of the bed it is better to remove it or cover it with cloth during night. It is advised not to see yourself in the mirror at night as it can bring negative energy in your life.

4. Do not put Pictures of Deities in the Bedroom

Never put pictures of gods and goddesses or religious pictures in the bedroom. Keeping such pictures in the room is not considered auspicious. Apart from this, there should be no sound of any kind while opening the bedroom door as this can bring negative energy into your home.

5. Do not Keep Electrical Appliances in the Bedroom

Even by mistake electrical appliances should not be kept in the bedroom. It is believed that this can lead to many problems in your life. It is considered auspicious to keep electrical appliances or things related to electricity in the igneous direction of the house, as this place is considered to be of God of Fire.

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