Rhythms & Beats in Hyderabad offers Contemporary, Semi Classical, Hip Hop, Wedding Choreography & Much More

Rhythms & Beats in Hyderabad offers Contemporary, Semi Classical, Hip Hop, Wedding Choreography & Much More

About Rhythms & Beats

Rhythms & Beats is a dance enterprise which offers all kinds of dance related services in various dance styles like contemporary, hip-hop, semi classical, rock and roll, and many other Indian and Western dance forms. They conduct theme based workshops for kids as well as adults and also choreograph for events, wedding functions, etc. Started by Anupama Dalmia who is a trained dancer and always nurtured a passion for dancing,  the label was launched in January 2017.

The USP of Rhythms & Beats is that they make everyone feel confident about their dancing through smart choreography and strategic approach.

About the Founder- Anupama Dalmia

She is an art lover and believe that there is art in everything we do. Someone rightly said that “Earth without ‘art’ is Eh!”. Be it visual, literary or performing arts, it helps one find oneself. Since childhood, Anupama had an ingrained passion for both dancing and writing, with dancing being her first love. According to her dance is not just dance but it is a mode of connecting to her soul.

Her mother says that she had taken to music and dancing from the age of 3 itself, like as if she was made for it.

In today’s times, there is lot more exposure and scope if one wants to pursue one’s passion, and make it a profession. But during Anupama’s childhood days, it was expected to remain a hobby with academics being the prime focus. So, keeping with the times, Anupama  completed Computer Engineering from Pune University and then went on to do MBA in Systems and Finance.

She landed with a job in her dream company, Infosys, during the MBA campus placements and worked there for 6.5 years. Anupama had a wonderful professional life there but somewhere deep down in her heart, she knew it was not her true calling.

The fast and frantic professional life left her with little time to pursue her  hobbies and they started taking a backseat. With time, these passions started pulling her hard towards them and one fine day, she took the decision, which her friends term as brave, to leave her white-collared job.

Being already trained in classical and folk dance forms, so Anupama joined Shiamak Davar’s summer workshop for western dance forms and got back dancing into her life full-fledged.

That was one of the best experiences ever in her life and she vowed to keep working on her  dancing skills through online tutorials and self-learning. Finally she started a venture with a close friend and got into teaching dance and choreographing professionally.

Check Client Testimonials:

“I got an opportunity to learn some Indian moves from Anupama for an event. Apart from the fact that she is a lovely dancer and choreographer, she is a pleasure to work with because of her infectious energy and charm. Learning from her is always fun. If you think you can’t dance, Rhythms & Beats will make you think otherwise.” – Rachana Sinha

 “I love the way Anupama dances and choreographs. Both my daughter and I have attended her workshops.I must say she is a wonderful teacher too.Highly recommended if any one wants to learn different dance form, styles and moves.” – Payal Jain

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