Runjhun Gupta’s Zipout is Empowering Women Through Dance and Fitness

Runjhun Gupta’s Zipout is Empowering Women Through Dance and Fitness

Runjhun Gupta is a celebrity fitness expert and a passionate speaker, who left a lucrative career in corporate finance to set-up ZipOut. With a mission to alleviate stress and the risks associated with it, she set up this dance and fitness academy in Noida which has been focussing on celebrating life. ZipOut is providing a great platform to enterprising women out there with a passion for dance and fitness.

In her quest to spread happiness Runjhun launched the ‘Be A ZipOuter program (Teacher training program) in 2014 at her academy in Noida. The program is meant to essentially train people to become future coaches for health and happiness. It is a program meant for women who want to feel empowered emotionally, physically and mentally. Any woman, regardless of her age with a passion for dance fitness can enroll into this program and become a ZipOuter. For women looking for an alternative career in fitness/ dance, post maternity break or marriage, this program offers a great start. This program can help you pave a way into a lucrative career in health.

ZipOut training program offers two types of options, the first option with a training duration of 1 month is based on audition. And the second option with a training duration of 3 months with a minimum 24-hour commitment (No audition required).

When asked why the program was launched, Runjhun said “I saw many women getting empowerment by being ZipOuters. Some felt empowered after the confidence they gained due to weight loss, while others loved getting fit through dancing and felt generally happy.” The program thus aims to empower women by way of fitness and dance. Runjhun feels that most ZipOuters observe a personality change after finishing the program. It’s all about feeling good about yourselves.

ZipOut has seen young girls as well as women in twenties and thirties joining the program and benefiting from it. Most of these women end up joining the ZipOut branches as trainers while a few go on to do advance courses or explore other places for becoming trainers.

The academy also provides therapeutic dance classes in an interactive and fun manner. It caters to Corporate sector and also functions at a Retail level, where it doubles up as an Academy, which hones the skills of passionate dancers.

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