How you can promote yourself and your Brand through Mompreneur Circle

How you can promote yourself and your Brand through Mompreneur Circle

Mompreneur Circle is a community of married women and mothers who are running their businesses successfully and those who are looking to restart their career through starting a business or are looking for job opportunities.

There are various ways through which one can promote themselves and their brands on Mompreneur Circle: 

Free Promotions:

  • Making Use of Each Day- Every day at Mompreneur Circle is divided for women in various industries. Also everyday there are requirement posts where you can directly connect with buyers.
  • Monday is the Blog Day wherein fellow members can share information on topics related to their businesses and can attract audience.
  • Tuesday is the Health Day– Doctors and people in Health Day can make the best use of this day by discussing on various health issues.
  • Wednesday is Expert Day wherein time and again we keep live sessions with experts across industry verticals. Members who have great expertise and knowledge can make the use of the day by pitching Mompreneur Circle Team topics on which they can conduct live session in the community.
  • Thursday is the Education Day where we discuss on various educational related stuff. The best day for people in educational field.
  • Friday is Feedback Day which allows your renowned buyers to share experiences. Let your buyers promote your services by sharing valuable feedbacks
  • Saturday– The day to promote yourself and your business.
  • Sunday– The day to talk about travel and food.
  1. Theme Based Blogs/stories- We cover theme based stories on various topics where you can include and promote yourself in the form of inputs.
  1. Become the Part of our Team– We have Volunteer Programmes for Moderators and Team where you can make your identity and become a known face in the community.
  1. Guest Author/Writer- You can contribute guest blogs in the area of your expertise on our media portal and can make a strong digital Presence for yourself. 

Paid Promotions

  1. Online Business Listing- Mompreneur Circle has an Online Business Directory exclusively for married women and mothers across the globe with 50,000 visitors/month. Get a web presence by having an Online Business Listing on the portal. It has an annual subscription fees of Rs 1200 but currently you can avail it at a discount of 50% i.e at Rs 600 annual subscription fees. 
  1. Through Featured Story- You can get your profiling done with an exclusive interview on our website which has a traffic of 50,000 monthly visitors. The cost of profiling starts at Rs 2000.
  1. Through Featuring your Brand/Outlet in a video- We have recently started with a new feature of promoting members in Delhi/NCR and soon going to expand across the country with covering your brand/outlet in video. The cost for the same is Rs 10,000/feature. However in the introductory deal you can avail it at Rs 3000 as 70% discounts are going on. 
  1. Placing Advertisement on Birthday Creative- We start our day with birthday wishes to our members everyday. We have launched an advertising opportunity wherein you can place your ad on the creative with monthly, weekly and monthly packages as per your budget. The wishes will go as sponsored by the name of your brand and your brand details.
  1. Attending Networking Meetups- We are starting with our networking meetups so that members can locally connect, collaborate, grow referrals and network in their own city. 
  1. Sponsoring for Contests/Giveaways and Campaigns on the community 

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