Say “NO”to stretch marks with “The Moms Co natural stretch oil”

Say “NO”to stretch marks with “The Moms Co natural stretch oil”

The very first day when I got happy news, I became very conscious about my skin. Pregnancy came with bundle of happiness along with lots of questions and thoughts start coming in my mind.

During this beautiful journey of motherhood, one thing which goes with you even after childbirth is” stretch marks”.

As per my friend’s advice I started using coconut oil. I was happy with results but slowly I start gaining more weight and marks get darker. I tried so many creams and oils but not happy with results.

One of my friend told me about the moms co stretch oil it works miracle. It helps to prevent stretch marks.

About the moms co natural stretch oil

Moms Co natural stretching oil is hundred percent safe and natural. It is toxin free product which is a combination of 7 types of powerful oil and Vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to increase skin elasticity and provide comfort to your itchy skin.

It comes in a very cute white plastic bottle with a flip cap and it is easy to carry.

Ingredients in “The Moms Co natural stretch oil”

  1. It consists of sweet almond, extra virgin oil and jojoba oil which helps to soothe itchy and stressed skin.
  2. Buckthorn oil and Omega 3 helps to heal skin texture.
  3. Rosehip oil rich in antioxidants.

How to use moms co natural stretch oil.

  1. Massage this oil twice a day on belly, hips and breast after bath in a circular motion.
  2. You can start using this oil from third trimester because at this time belly begins to stretch.
  3. Keep applying after childbirth too.
  4. Avoid on nipple area while breastfeeding.

Price of the mums co natural stretch oil.

275 rupees for 100 ml bottle. Buy Now From Amazon 

Pros of mums co natural stretch oil

  1. It helps to prevent damage skin with its natural Vitamin E oil.
  2. This product is certified 100% toxin free and made up of natural ingredients.
  3. It helps to soothe itchy and stretching skin and fade away stretch marks too.
  4. It is safe to use in pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding.
  5. Oil has a very mild fragrance.
  6. Oil is in light yellow color and it’s lightweight too.
  7. It’s non sticky and quickly absorbed in skin.
  8. It works as moisturizing agent also.
  9. Little quantity is enough.
  10. Ask chemicals used in this product.

Cons of the moms co natural stretch oil.

  1. It is little expensive as bottle can be used only for one month.
  2. It is not easily available in market. You have to order online.

I wish I had used it during pregnancy but I am happy that it works even after 2 years of delivery. This product has become a part of my daily routine. I am using it from the last 3 months and very much happy with results.

Priyanka Arora

Priyanka Arora, an ordinary home maker with an extra ordinary passion of doing something different..mother of proud son who teach me joy of to help others ..creativity is my job which i want to put in everything either in household chores or in parenting