This Indian-American Mompreneneur is providing an amazing shopping experience to Indians through

This Indian-American Mompreneneur is providing an amazing shopping experience to Indians through

After spending 27 years in US, Sana and her husband Nitin shifted back to India and launched .

HappyShappy is a totally new approach to social media and shopping — it’s a lifestyle platform where you can discover amazing ideas in everything fashion, celebrations, beauty, food, travel and decor. Users can save the ideas they love into personalized Dreamboards, such as “summer fashion ideas,” “gifts for mothers day”, “lehengas for my wedding” etc. And when you find something you really love and want – click the button called “I Want It” – tell the team your budget, when you want it, and any customizations you’d like. HappyShappy has a huge base of wonderful, vetted vendors who can get you exactly what you want, in your budget.

The challenges Sana faced were “

There were two kind of challenges I’ve faced in starting HappyShappy — one on the personal front, and the other, professional. Shifting to India after so many years abroad was difficult at the start – I didn’t have many friends, or a sense of belonging here — so it was a lonely first few months for me. But now, two years in, I have a great support system of friends and family who make Delhi feel like home. The kids have adjusted beautifully as well — and it’s wonderful to be in the same country as my parents! Work wise, it was a challenge adjusting to the professional culture here. Coming from a very corporate-America type of background, I was used to tight deadlines, contracts, and a certain work ethic. I really had to re-wire my brain around those things here in Delhi.”

Most people thought they had lost their minds — and many of them still think so! they don’t completely blame them either — after all, the majority of start-ups do fail so it has always been a risk.

The brand in the near future is launching Mobile App

Here is the message by Sana to the womenfolk

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be incredibly rewarding — no matter which way it goes. Do your research before you go all in – look at the market, study your target consumer and determine if the need exists in the market as well. And once you decide to go for it, go in 200% — there will be days you’ll feel on top of the world, and other’s you’ll feed like a failure — take them in your stride and keep pushing through.

Latika Wadhwa

Founder and Chief Editor at Mompreneur Circle, Latika pens down the inspiring stories of mompreneurs and women entrepreneurs to motivate the womenfolk in order to Take Charge.