Snoring problem or disturbed sleep? Use ‘Tranquil Sleep’ and feel the difference

Snoring problem or disturbed sleep? Use ‘Tranquil Sleep’ and feel the difference

Peaceful sleep  has become a luxury these days. Modern lifestyle has brought a lot of stress in our lives. In addition, new and (not-so-new) mothers get very little sound sleep because of their hectic routine during the day and at night. In addition to these reasons, continuous and loud snoring by your partner can be an annoying sound that snatches your sleep away. I am going to share with you my personal experience with the product- ‘Tranquil Sleep’ from Forest Essentials that claims to dispel anxiety and induce a restful sleep (

I ordered ‘Tranquil Sleep’ on the official website of the brand and received the product within 4 working days. Here are the features of this product that I wish to highlight:


  • The packaging is very attractive. It makes a great visual impression with its soothing blue background and the big red flower with the logo of the brand superimposed on it on the front side.
  • The back side contains information about the product, directions for use, ingredients, ideal storage conditions and manufacturing details.
  • The package size is 10 mL and costs INR 850/-.


Being a big fan of natural products and formulations, I was very happy to see the ingredient list.

  • Sandalwood essential oil: fights headaches, soothes sore throat and cough
  • Geranium essential oil: soothes mucous membranes
  • Nutmeg essential oil: fights anxiety and induces peaceful sleep
  • Lavender essential oil: soothes headaches and has a calming effect

These oils are steam distilled to retain their active principles and are very potent.

How to use ‘Tranquil Sleep’

Spray once on the nape of your neck and once on your pillow at bed time.


The bottle

  • Tranquil Sleep comes in a tiny glass bottle that has the same coloured and printed label as the outer carton. The spray nozzle is golden in colour and the dispensing tube goes all the way down to the bottom of the bottle. A golden protection cap is fitted on top of the spray nozzle. Overall, the bottle looks classy.
  • The product is a clear liquid that is sprayed on the nape of the neck and the pillow for use.
  • The size of the bottle is perfect for carrying in your purse or small bag while travelling and it won’t take up much space.
  • The glass is sturdy and strong.


  • The fragrance is very soothing and light. I am very sensitive to smell but this product smells heavenly and doesn’t irritate my nasal tract at all.
  • ‘Tranquil Sleep’ is a 100% naturally derived product and is free of harmful chemicals. It does not contain any synthetic fragrance and is safe for use by kids and older people too.
  • It is not tested on animals. This means that this product is cruelty-free.
  • It works! I saw an immediate positive effect on my sleep quality and a reduction in my husband’s snoring, right after first use.
  • Small size that makes it ideal for carrying in your handbag.


None really, except for the cost of the product.  But one bottle will last about 2 months when used every night by two persons, amounting to a daily cost of about INR 10/-. I am willing to spend this much for a peaceful sleep.

Final verdict

This product delivers what it promises! I had a great experience with ‘Tranquil Sleep’, starting right after the first use. I will surely continue using this product to ensure a peaceful, restful and more sound sleep. It is very effective against snoring too. I am sure many heavy snorers will find it useful while travelling. Highly recommended!

Dr. Shruti Sharma

Other than my formal training in life-sciences (in which I did my PhD), I am actively involved in following my passion for writing and crafts. When I am not spending time with my toddler, I read a lot and write on different topics as blogs, newspaper articles, short stories and poems. My articles are regularly published on a lot of online platforms. I love to explore different cultures and my writing reflects my opinion.