Foolish Girl – Episode 4

Foolish Girl – Episode 4

Recap of( Episode 3)

Meethi & Rahbar reaches Andaman & Niccobar Islands for their Honeymoon trip. Both of them enjoy their trip but they are unable to establish their physical relationship with each other.  Meethi & Rahbar are unaware of the fact that somebody has done black magic upon them in order to ruin their marriage & their relationship with Shehla bhabhi.  They both come back from their trip and Rahbar gets involved in his daily routine work, While Meethi starts adjusting in the family.  Meethi after sometimes, notices Shabnam bhabhi’s weird behaviour towards Rahbar.  Shabnam bhabhi is actually trying to attract Rahbar in front of Meethi. TO READ FULL EPISODE-3: CLICK HERE

Episode -4

Meethi is really upset & tensed about her relationship with Rahbar. It’s Morning time, Rahbar has gone to factory. She is missing Rahbar, then suddenly, Rahbar calls Meethi & talks to her over the phn and tells her that he will come in the evening for some time. In the evening Rahbar comes to meet Meethi and spends some time with her in their own flat. After 1 hr/ 2hr, Rahbar leaves for factory.

This started happening on a daily basis. Rahbar & Meethi used to call each other & talk for a short while over the phn everyday, then in the evening Rahbar used to come to meet Meethi.

Suddenly after a week, One day Shabnam bhabhi gives a phone call to Meethi in the evening & asks her to come downstairs. She talks to Meethi in a very sarcastic manner and tells her that she should come & help her with the cooking. Meethi gets afraid & tells Rahbar that she needs to go downstairs immediately. Rahbar that day, just came half an hour ago, so his mood gets off and tells Meethi to go. Then he says that he wants to take rest for sometime & while leaving he will lock the flat and give the keys to Meethi downstairs.

Meethi goes downstairs & then Shabnam bhabhi tells her in a very unpleasant manner in front of Moni bua that “Aa gayi Gulcharre udaake” …which means that “You came after flirting & romancing. “Meethi is taken aback by her words. She doesn’t know how to react. She enters the kitchen and starts asking Moni bua, what to do. After this incident, Rahbar starts coming downstairs in the evening to meet Meethi instead of their own flat.

Now the same thing started happening again, Shabnam bhabhi now getting dressed up with full make up on for 2 times, once in the evening and then again in the night time before the dinner get together of the whole family.

Meethi is very uncomfortable with Shabnam bhabhi’s behaviour. She doesn’t know what to do.

In the evening, Shabnam bhabhi is drinking tea with Rahbar and talking to him with her full make up on. Rahbar then addresses Shabnam bhabhi with “tum” while talking.

“Tum” is a word similar to” You” in English. We say” tum” to someone younger to us in hindi but for Elders we say “Aap” for the same “you”. We use the same “you” in English for elders & youngers both, but in hindi, its different.

Meethi tells one day to Rahbar that he should address Shabnam bhabhi with “Aap” as she is her elder Bhabhi, then Rahbar tells Meethi that she likes being told “Tum” as Pappu bhai also addresses Shehla bhabhi with “Tum” though she is his Elder bhabhi. Rahbar then discloses that Shabnam bhabhi has herself insisted Rahbar to address her with “tum.” Meethi doesnt likes all this but she is unable to express anything to Rahbar.

One evening Rahbar comes early from his usual time in his own flat instead of downstairs to surprise Meethi. Meethi is getting ready to go downstairs. The doorbell rings & Meethi opens the door. She is very happy to find Rahbar. Rahbar asks her to make Tea & Maggi as Rahbar is very fond of tea & Maggi. Meethi goes quickly to the kitchen & starts preparing tea & Maggi for Rahbar. Once again, out of sudden, Meethi mobile phone starts ringing….it’s “Shabnam bhabhi ” calling!!!

Shabnam bhabhi has heard the sound of Rahbar’s motorbike so she calls Meethi now. Rahbar & Pappu bhai uses Motorbikes for the factory purpose while Masoom bhai & Shehla bhabhi only uses the Car for factory purpose.

Meethi picks up the phone & Shabnam bhabhi is calling Meethi again for cooking. Meethi & Rahbar after having their tea & Maggi leaves the flat.Rahbar goes back to factory & Meethi goes downstairs. Now Rahbar stops coming in the evening & directly comes at night around 7 to 8pm.

Shabnam bhabhi after a short while asks Meethi to divide the timings for kitchen among themselves. She says that she can manage evening kitchen work with Moni bua, While Meethi can take up the morning kitchen work. Meethi agrees and takes up the morning kitchen work. Here Meethi does a mistake, She does not informs Shehla bhabhi about this division of timings. Meethi thinks that Shehla bhabhi is so busy with her office work that she will not care about kitchen timings, till it is taken care of.

Meethi is now managing the morning kitchen work with Moni bua and packing tiffins for everybody in the factory. She is packing tiffins for all the 3 brothers and Shehla bhabhi separately. After a few days, at evening time, Meethi is studying in her bedroom with all the doors locked of her balcony. Meethi has now engaged herself with her studies because Rahbar has stopped coming to meet her in the evening.

Meethi is studying in a closed bedroom when her mobile phone starts ringing again. She is shocked with fear to see that this time, it’s not Shabnam bhabhi, it’s shehla bhabhi calling her. Meethi picks up the phone and Shehla bhabhi starts scolding Meethi that Shabnam bhabhi is alone cooking in the kitchen & What is she doing upstairs at this time. Meethi is not able to answer as she is short of her words with fear. Shehla bhabhi asks Meethi to come immediately downstairs. Meethi calls Rahbar and tells him about this & just runs downstairs in hurry. When she goes down, she finds Shehla bhabhi & Masoom bhai sitting downstairs in the living room. As Meethi enters, she goes straight away to kitchen & sees that Shabnam bhabhi is busy arranging the “puchka” plates for all. Puchka is a tasty eating item called “Golgappas” or “Puchka” in hindi. Meethi also joins her in preparing the plates and then asks Shabnam bhabhi that why didn’t she informed her about Shehla bhabhi’s coming home at this time.Shabnam bhabhi replies that she was busy with her kitchen work. Then she questions Meethi that why couldn’t she hear the sound of Shehla bhabhi’s & Masoom bhai’s car herself, to which Meethi explains her about the locked balcony doors. Meethi then thinks that even if her balcony doors were opened, she wouldn’t have understood the sound of their car.

Shehla bhabhi calls Meethi and asks her tat why she was not present downstairs in the evening? then Meethi replies that Shabnam bhabhi had divided the timings herself. Shehla bhabhi listens to Meethi and tells her to go. Rahbar and Pappu bhai then comes and everybody eats “Puchka” together.The home environment is very jovial & happy now, Meethi forgets everything and talks to Shabnam bhabhi as if nothing happened between them. Meethi shows Pappu bhai & Shabnam bhabhi one joke of her’s in mobile. They all are smiling & giggling together. Rahbar also joins them.Shehla bhabhi watches all this and calls Meethi immediately to her room & gives her some office work to do in laptop while shehla bhabhi is sitting with the laptop too.Meethi does the work as told by Shehla bhabhi & Shabnam bhabhi face changes from jovial mood to an off mood .Pappu bhai gives no reaction but Rahbar is very happy to see Meethi doing office work with Shehla bhabhi.

With this incident, Shabnam bhabhi started coming downstairs in the morning too, that is twice a day, morning & evening both to look after the kichen. So Meethi also now has to go downstairs twice a day to look after the kitchen. They both sometimes stay downstairs for long hours till daytime, or they both go to their individual flats after 11 am in the morning, When everybody goes to the factory. Shabnam bhabhi becomes more friendly & soft towards Meethi, as they are spending so much time together talking to each other.

Meethi has now forgotten all the things which Shabnam bhabhi has done to her & She thinks that she should ignore Shabnam bhabhi’s small flaws & she should treat her like her own elder sister & accept her the way she is. Here Shabnam bhabhi has no intention of accepting Meethi as her younger sister. She is very good & soft to Meethi with her words but her actions are very dangerous.

One Morning in the late hours around 11 am, Meethi is arranging her clothes in the cupboards. Shabnam bhabhi comes to Meethi’s flat and enters her bedroom. Meethi welcomes Shabnam bhabhi & asks her to sit on the bed.Shabnam bhabhi asks Meethi that what is she doing? Meethi is holding a notepad so she shows Shabnam bhabhi the notepad with a happy heart like the way she would have shown to her sisters.The notepad contains a list which is having all the details of Meethi’s gold jewelleries. Meethi is exhausted and says shabnam bhabhi that She has completed arranging her few clothes in the cupboard & now she is going to check her gold jewelleries with the list. Shabnam bhabhi compliments Meethi that its a very nice idea to write down all the details of the gold jewelleries in a list, to which Meethi says that it’s not her idea but her Elder Bhabhi (Meethi’s own elder brother’s wife) has given her this suggestion. Meethi now opens the locked drawer in front of Shabnam bhabhi and starts checking her gold jewelleries with the list in the notepad.

Meethi has got enough of gold from Shehla bhabhi & from her own parents plus gifted items consisting of diamond rings too. The only important person from whom she didn’t receive any gold was Amma( Rahbar’s mother).

Meethi arranges & checks all the Gold jewelleries of her’s in front of Shabnam bhabhi. Shabnam bhabhi asks Meethi to show her the gifted set of her’s to Meethi. Meethi passes the set to Shabnam bhabhi for seeing. Shabnam bhabhi asks Meethi, whether she liked it or not. Meethi says that she liked her gift very much.Shabnam bhabhi then tells Meethi that Shehla bhabhi has purchased this set and has given to shabnam bhabhi for gifting to Meethi. Meethi completes her arranging & locks her drawer.

After a few minutes, somebody rings the doorbell. Meethi opens the door and sees that there are 2 men standing outside the gate. They tell Meethi that Shehla bhabhi has send them from the factory to measure the balcony open front of Rahbar’s flat. Meethi let them inside and straightaway those 2 men went to the balcony with their measurement tape. The moment Shabnam bhabhi sees those 2 men measuring the balcony open front of Meethi’s & Rahbar’s flat. She peeps into the balcony & says something to those two men. After a while she hurriedly takes away both the men to her flat and says Meethi that she is going to her flat and she will get back to her after sometime.

Meethi doesn’t understands her strange behaviour and she keeps on waiting for Shabnam bhabhi to come back. Shabnam bhabhi doesn’t comes back to Meethi’s flat that day. At night, Meethi tells this to Rahbar and Rahbar also doesn’t cares much about this but he tells Meethi that she should have asked Shabnam bhabhi that why is she taking those two men to her flat, When they came to take the measurement of their balcony. Rahbar then says that, Shehla bhabhi must have send those two men to take the measurement of their balcony in order to put a grill in their balcony. Meethi & Rahbar’s flat balcony was open, so at night anybody can jump into the balcony & enter the flat, so if there is no grill, it’s quite risky and a sort of threat to Meethi & Rahbar’s flat.

Meethi then also tells Rahbar that she finds Shabnam bhabhi quite strange & weird. She also says to Rahbar that same night about Shabnam bhabhi’s phone calls to Meethi before marriage & how she used to say all fearful things about Shehla bhabhi. Meethi then also discloses to Rahbar that Shabnam bhabhi was asking Meethi that even if 5 minutes before the marriage, Meethi needs any help or feels like changing her mind then she can call her in her mobile. Rahbar is also quite shocked to hear all this and tells Meethi not to think about all this.

After that day, those two men never came back to put up the grill in their balcony and now who is going to ask Shehla bhabhi about this, neither Rahbar nor Meethi can ask. So Meethi never got to know what did Shabnam bhabhi told to those 2 men that day and what did she showed them in her flat.

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