Make your Kids learn about Tax with the help of this story…..!!!!

Make your Kids learn about Tax with the help of this story…..!!!!

It was a fine sunday afternoon, the birds were chirping and the cool breeze were blowing all around the place.

Ahhh…. it was such a lovely & pleasant weather. Rima and her friends were playing in the Lion Safari park.

After a tiring but enjoyable game of hide & seek, they all noticed Diya scratching on a swing with a stone.

Rima snatched the stone from her hand and threw it away and said to Diya. “You know how much money has been spent on painting these swings, see-saws, slides & benches , you are spoiling it.”

Diya just shrugged her shoulders and said, “it’s not my money.”….

” It may not be your money ,but it certainly is your parent’s money!” Said Rima….

“What are you saying? My parents don’t give money for maintaining the park!” Diya said, she further said to Rima…..”Don’t try to fool me. My teacher said it is the government that pays for the maintenance of parks.”

Rima explaining Tax to Diya:-

Rima sighed and said, I will explain it to you. My Mom gives me four chocolates every week for getting good marks in class tests and dance competitions. My Elder Sister keeps two chocolates everytime from the four that I get from Mom.

After a few months, When she has lots of chocolates, she goes with me to the orphanage and gives it away to the children there. They were my chocolates but they were collected and used to make so many people happy!” She said.

“Similarly, your Mom’s & Dad’s company gives them salary every month——-the government keeps a part of their salary. It keeps a part from everybody’s salaries.

So the government has a lots of money which is used to make good roads and parks. This money which the government keeps is called” TAX.” It is spent to give you good services.

At this point Rima’s friend, Tiya jumped in. “I saw tax written on the ticket of “BEAUTY & THE BEAST!” Yes when you buy a movie ticket, a part of the money you pay goes to the government as tax ” Rima explained. “In the same way you pay tax for lots of things like eating at restaurants, buying clothes etc.” as Rima finished saying this ,she smiled.

All her friends turned to see what had made her smile. They all burst out laughing😁😁 when they saw Diya busy trying to undo the scratches she made on the swing & the bench…….!!!!

Nishat Raza

I am MBA in HR having 2 yrs of Corporate Experience. I am also a mother of a sweet & intelligent daughter. Presently I am a Cuemath Certified Teacher running a home based Maths center. I am very fond of writing and I love writing about various issues & stories that i come across in my daily life.