Are we really Independent?? 71st Independence Day and yet we are not independent

Are we really Independent?? 71st Independence Day and yet we are not independent

In two days we would be celebrating the 71st Independence Day of our dear country. We all celebrate it with full josh and hosh, flags are bought and so are the wrist bands and bandanas. We would dress in tri colour and listen to desh bhakti songs. Is this what independence means?

The very next day the street is littered with the same flags, which we very lovingly bought to showcase our patriotism. Is this what our Father of nation asked from us, where does the Swach Bharat Mission go on this day and a day after and for all the other days or the year until the next Independence Day?

While we got our independence in 1947, but even after 71 years, are we women independent? Can we freely walk on the street without being eve teased, without being looked upon as to what are we wearing?  Really our clothes decide, whether we are sabhya or are character less, what about the little babies, who too get raped, while they are full covered and still in their diapers.

Not a single day, goes by where we don’t read about rapes, wife beating, eve teasing. Is there a women in India, be it educated or illiterate, who has not been looked down upon? A working lady, still has to look after the house, she still has to raise children, she should know cooking, and she should just be a machine?? Really, is this what being independent means?

Day in and day out, the road rage has increased, people don’t have patience, and are willing to kill each other on parking issues, Educated people behaving like uneducated, walking in the  middle of the road, driving recklessly and then fighting?

I don’t think this means being independent. Independence day would be a meaningful celebration, when we are able to respect women, give children the right guidance, keep our country clean and respect others views and not be judgemental.

Even after 71 years, we are still caught in the cobweb of the past, where we don’t want to change ourselves

Unless we change, the country would not change, after all the country is us and we are the change.

The day we keep our homes in and out clean, the day we stop eve teasing and women shamming, the day we respect each other and treat each other like human beings, is the day when we would actually be celebrating Independence day, Till then, We are just shamming and doing things as it is a herd mentality and don’t really mean it

I wait for that day!!!!

Till Then …….. I love my India, Vatan Mera India. Ye desh jo hai mera, agar main use apna man ke chalu, to kya main yaha dar dark e jiungi ???? The day india is rape free, we would be independent, the day swach bharat is achieved, we would be independent

And that day, I would with pride Say Happy Independence Day. Until then …. In hope

Akta Sehgal Malhotra

Akta, is a management graduate with specialization in Marketing & Finance from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies. Over 17 years of corporate experience in the field of Wealth Management & Advising clients across industries. Akta Sehgal is the Manas behind Manas Management Advisors.