Foolish Girl – Episode 3

Foolish Girl – Episode 3

Recap of (Episode-2)

Meethi & Rahbar attends their grand Reception party. After the Reception is done, Meethi goes to her Maayka with Rahbar to celebrate “Nauthi.” Meethi enjoys her stay but Rahbar stays only for one day due to his factory work. Shehla bhabhi & Masoom bhai brings Meethi back from her home. After that Meethi & Rahbar gets ready for their Honeymoon trip to Andaman & Niccobar Islands.  To Read Full Episode: CLICK HERE

Episode -3

Meethi and Rahbar reaches Andaman & Niccobar Islands around 12pm. Shehla bhabhi has arranged their trip through some Tour &Travelling Package. Tour & travel people comes to pick up all their tourists in a car to their booked Hotels. They all pick up Meethi & Rahbar with the other tourists and drop them at the Hotel gate. They then hand over a paper to all the members of their package and tells them that they will come to hotel at 3pm. They will come for picking the members of their tour package for sight seeing.Meethi & Rahbar are also the members of their package so Rahbar tells them that they will go for sight seeing at 3pm. The paper also had the details of each and every place that they are going to visit in their Honeymoon trip with their out timings. Meethi & Rahbar now enters the Hotel. Its a very beautiful hotel. Rahbar takes the key from the Reception and goes to their room. Meethi & Rahbar are now relaxed, they now call Shehla bhabhi and informs her about their reaching. Rahbar then asks Meethi to call Shehla bhabhi again to ask her about the operating of digicam(digital camera).

Shehla bhabhi gave her digicam to Meethi while coming for honeymoon but Meethi doesnt know how to operate, neither Rahbar knows how to operate. Rahbar is hungry and goes down to eat something in the cafe of the Hotel.He tells Meethi to come down for eating after giving a call to Shehla bhabhi. Meethi is afraid to call Shehla bhabhi once again. Meethi then calls Shehla bhabhi with fear in her mind for the 2nd time. Shehla bhabhi makes Meethi understand over the phone about how to use the digicam. Meethi is happy and goes down to cafe where Rahbar is waiting for her. Rahbar asks Meethi whether she has locked the room properly or not & then asks for the room keys from her. They both take their light lunch and goes back to their Hotel room. They then freshen up and take bath and get ready for sight seeing. Tour & travel people comes and takes them for sight seeing.Like this Meethi & Rahbar visits all the places of Andaman & Niccobar Islands in their full one week of stay. They did scuba diving and boarded steamers for visiting all the places.They visited beautiful beaches and Islands, stayed in beautiful cottages surrounded by coconut trees.

Both Meethi and Rahbar were enjoying the place, but they seemed detached in each other’s company because till now they were not complete. Both Meethi & Rahbar didn’t had their physical relationship. They started becoming good friends but Meethi & Rahbar couldn’t establish the physical relationship between them.They were both trying to come close to each other but everytime they tried, they were unable to establish that bond of love.

They were totally unaware of the fact that Rahbar was under very dangerous spell of black magic due to which he was not able to establish the physical relationship with Meethi. And on the other hand, Meethi was also under the black magic spell of not establishing the relationship with Rahbar & Shehla bhabhi. Even if Meethi & Rahbar would have known about this black magic spell on them, especially Meethi would not have believed even if Rahbar would have half believed.

Though Meethi knows about the Islamic history, that black magic happened upon their Prophet Mohammad too. Prophet (peace be upon him) was also a victim of it by his enemies. His enemies did this to Prophet in order to kill him, but still she would have considered all this as a false beliefs of illiterates. She has seen so many people blindly following Maulvis and wasting lots of money on these things. So she doesn’t believe in all these things.

Meethi was a highly educated girl and a firm believer of Allah.So She didn’t believed in Maulvis and their superstitions.She thinks that every Maulvi tells every normal person that some black magic or spell has been casted upon them in order to extract money. She believed that believing in Allah and praying to Allah can cure & fight with everything.She was absolutely right but this time, together with prayers , they also needed a Maulvi who can help them overcome these dark & evil intentions of their wicked enemy.

Rahbar was quite romantic one day during their Honeymoon trip. He carried Meethi in his arms to the hotel room.Meethi was also very happy .Rahbar puts his head on Meethi’s lap and she sings a song for him.Rahbar wants to love Meethi but he couldn’t establish the physical relationship with her for the 3rd time also.After this he is very disappointed and upset.Meethi is also upset.She thinks that Rahbar has some problem and he should visit a doctor for his medical treatment.

Their Honeymoon trip is over and they return home. After returning from Honeymoon, Rahbar gets busy in his office &factory work while Meethi is slowly trying to adjust in the family. Meethi brings gifts for Shehla bhabhi & Shabnam bhabhi and gives them their gifts. Shehla bhabhi is quite happy to receive the gift while Shabnam bhabhi is expressionless.

It’s now been 2 months of their marriage and still they are not living the life of a Married couple. Rahbar comes home from work, gets tired and goes to sleep .Meethi is worried about her marriage. She feels that may be Rahbar is not interested in her, or He is having some medical issue. She doesn’t know as to whom she should speak about this.

Meethi is quite afraid of Shehla bhabhi as she is a very strict personality and she is not that much frank to her. Meethi is introvert, whereas Shehla bhabhi is the guardian of the house & she is very much reserved. Moreover Meethi is afraid of Shehla bhabhi because before Marriage Shabnam bhabhi used to frequently call Meethi and say about Shehla bhabhi’s anger and strictness. She made Meethi so afraid of Shehla bhabhi that Meethi was thinking that what will happen to her after marriage. Meethi was scared and sometimes didnt wanted to get married also.To this Meethi’s Mother broke the phone sim of her’s one day when she found Meethi talking to Shabnam bhabhi. Meethi’s mother did not wanted her to talk with Shabnam bhabhi before Marriage. On the other hand Shabnam bhabhi was very sweet to Meethi.She told Meethi to be very frank& open with her and she herself was of this nature.She became friend to Meethi as she was very friendly to Meethi. Meethi being an introvert got comfortable with her.

Here after Marriage Shabnam bhabhi comes to Meethi’s flat everyday to chit-chat with her. She also invites Meethi & Rahbar to her flat and asks them to come after dinner from downstairs without letting Shehla bhabhi know. Shabnam bhabhi, one day comes and asks Meethi about their Physical relationship and enquires about it deeply that Whether they are having physical contacts on daily basis or not. Meethi is embarrassed and doesn’t discloses anything to her.

After a few days Shehla bhabhi asks Meethi to join the office.Meethi is quite tensed and says Shehla bhabhi that she needs some time, maybe a 1or2 months to join the office. Meethi wanted to focus on her marriage at that time but Meethi did her biggest mistake of life by saying “No” to Shehla bhabhi which later Meethi regrets all her life. After this Meethi’s journey of endless mistakes starts which sours her relationship with Shehla bhabhi very heavily.

Meethi is confused, worried and sad.She herself doesn’t know how things will work between her and Rahbar. She is also worried because there is no child in the family. Shehla bhabhi doesn’t have a child. It’s been 18 yrs of their marriage and they still don’t have a child. Shabnam bhabhi had 2 miscarriages in her 2yrs of marriage, so she also doesn’t have a child .Roshan api (Rahbar’s sister also doesn’t have a child) it’s been 3 to 4 yrs of her marriage too. So after knowing the family history,Meethi is thinking that Rahbar must be facing some genetic or hereditary problem. Meethi tells Rahbar to see a doctor so that their marriage can work.Rahbar is angry and says that its a matter of time and everything will be okay. Meethi decides to tell this to her Mother and sisters.She tells Rahbar that she wants to visit her Maayka. Rahbar takes the permission of Shehla bhabhi and Meethi goes to her Maayka for few days. Meethi tells this to her Mother & sisters and they too are worried. Meethi’s Mother and sister advises her not to worry and tells her to wait for some more time, maybe Rahbar is stressed out and is under work pressure.So he is not able to build the relation. Meethi goes back to her sasural and finds Rahbar eating some tablets secretly from Meethi. She asks Rahbar about it and wants to see the tablet bottles. Rahbar refuses to show her and tells her that he has seen a doctor and now everything will be okay.

When Rahbar goes to work, everyday Meethi is supposed to go downstairs as the kitchen cooking is done downstairs. At night around 7pm to 10 pm everybody is back home and all the family members have their dinner together. Shehla bhabhi & Masoom bhai comes late from office while Rahbar & Pappu bhai comes before them. In the evening, Meethi notices a very strange thing. Shabnam bhabhi gets ready everyday with full make up and nice dresses. Meethi is the new bride so she gets ready but Shabnam bhabhi gets more ready than her as if she is the newly wed bride. Meethi finds this very strange. She just ignores. This was happening on daily basis. Soon before Rahbar used to come home, Shabnam bhabhi used to get ready & as Rahbar entered home, Shabnam bhabhi would catch all his attention and instead of talking to Pappu bhai, she used to chat & laugh with Rahbar. Meethi being an introvert used to sit among them like a foolish creature and listened to all Shabnam bhabhi’s full day stories of the house. Shabnam bhabhi was like a news channel to all of them.Shabnam bhabhi sometimes used to surprise all of them with office stories of Shehla bhabhi & Masoom bhai too. She had reports & news from other sources& links which she used to brag in front of all of them. Whereas Rahbar and Meethi were completely different persons. They didn’t had knowledge about themselves only, whereas knowing the happenings of other places or infact of their own surroundings was not their cup of tea. Most of the news, they only got to know through Shabnam bhabhi & Pappu bhai.

Slowly, slowly Shabnam bhabhi’s actions and attention seeking nature made Meethi quite uncomfortable. She used to crack jokes, act funny and sometimes even sent text messages to Rahbar. She also used to tell Meethi about this. Sometimes she asked for compliments from Rahbar about her earings & dress in front of Meethi & Pappu bhai.Rahbar then laughingly used to compliment shabnam bhabhi in front of Meethi & Pappu bhai. Meethi wanted to spend time with Rahbar but Shabnam bhabhi’s interference was so much that Rahbar & Meethi hardly gets time downstairs to be with each other. Late in the night, they both used to come to their flat and they are so much tired that they both go to sleep.

Meethi is now facing another problem which is from Shabnam bhabhi. Meethi is not liking this action of her’s towards Rahbar. Meethi finds in later stage that Shabnam bhabhi is actually trying to attract Rahbar towards herself.

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